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DIY Tutorial: Sunflower Wine Bottle Centerpiece

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Truth bomb: As I admitted in our DIY sunflower decor post, I personally have never been a huge fan of sunflowers. However, I’m leaving more the other way now 🙂 

This was the sunflower project I fell in love with. I have a beautiful sunroom that we turned into a wine room. It’s surrounded by wooden planks and has a gorgeous rustic feel. We’ve added many wine themed elements to it like this amazing wall art. This centerpiece is great for the home, bridal showers, or baby showers. 

I knew I needed a wine-themed centerpiece for my sunroom so here’s what I came up with. All you need is a few empty wine bottles. We just happen to have these gorgeous green and brown bottles at the time which go perfectly with the sunflower colors.

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Use empty wine bottles for DIY projects.
Use old wine bottles for DIY projects.

Materials You’ll Need:

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Step 1 – Measure and cut the sunflowers.

The trick to putting this together is to get alternating heights of the sunflowers so that you can see every single one. So measure wisely!

Step 2 – Pre-Fill the bottles with water.

Once you have the height you want, fill the wine bottles to ¾ of the way through.

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Step 3 – Stick the flowers into the bottles.

Push the thick stalks through the wine bottles. Two of the bottles have 2 sunflowers in them. Since the stalk is thick, you will need to push it firmly without breaking it. 

Step 4 – Put the elements together.

Position the wine bottles onto a wooden serving tray for a more rustic base. Tie cotton twine string around the 3 bottles to tie them together. Go around 3 or 4 times so you see more of the twine. If you have some fake sunflowers you can place them on the wooden base itself.

Step 5 – Add additional side elements (optional).

You can add additional elements to the centerpiece if you’d like. I happen to have these mason jars already from a previous event. Since they had the same cotton twine string, it all tied well together. Here, The two mason jars are full of rocks that I purchased at the dollar store. I wrapped 1-inch thick burlap around the jar and finalized it with the same cotton twine rope that is around the wine bottles.

how to make your own wine bottle centerpiece
Easy tutorial for home decor.

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