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DIY Tutorial: Simple Wine-Themed Centerpiece

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Are you ready to decorate for summer? We are wine lovers so we always have bottles and corks laying around. No sense in just tossing them! I even threw my husband this wine-themed 40th birthday party.

Here’s a very simple summer centerpiece you can put in your kitchen, coffee table, or on your patio table.

Easy DIY project

Here’s the list of item items to create this very simple and functional centerpiece:

  • 1. 3 Empty wine bottle

2. Candlesticks

3. Craft rope

4. Fake or real lemons (or any other fruit)

5. Succulent (optional)

6. Wood serving tray

7. Small crate

Step #1 – Add Rope to Wine Bottle

Measure the rope around the wine bottle before cutting it. Then hot glue it on. The best look is to have wine bottles with different heights and shapes. 

Easy DIY project

Step #2 – Glue Candle Sticks to Wine Bottle

The only tricky part of this DIY project is getting the right size candlestick for the opening of the wine bottle.

Rustic centerpiece

Step #3 – Put it all together

Arrange the three wine bottles in the shape of a triangle towards the back of the wooden tray. Add napkins and fruit to the little crate. Place succulent on the side. 

Rustic centerpiece

Viola! This easy centerpiece will make your table look so sophisticated and impress your guests. Make more if you are throwing a big party.

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Rustic centerpiece

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