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Cheap Fall Decorating Ideas for Every Part of Your Home

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The fall season is a few months away and even though we are making plans for the beach, the stores are beginning to clear out their summer stock to make room for fall. Yes, you know I’m right! Before you know it, you will have your pumpkin spice latte in hand and make beautiful DIY projects with us.

Where to Get Cheap Fall Decor:

There are so many places you can look for inexpensive decor that still looks good. 

1- Dollar Store – Our favorite is of course our local Dollar Tree but of course you should try at any local dollar store. 

2 – Thrift Store – Do not overlook your local thrift store! You can find amazing pieces and sometimes bringing them to life is as easy as a quick spray paint.

3 – Craft Store – Michael’s is always a great option but we highly recommend Hobby Lobby. There aren’t any by where we live in Long Island but when I moved to Florida, I realized the magic that is Hobby Lobby. They have amazing decor but also many craft supplies so you can also make your own.


Places to Decorate in Your Home

Before you go out shopping, it’s critical to plan out where you want fall decor so that you don’t spend a ton of money! Here are some great places to think about:

  • Front porch – If you have chairs or rocking chairs, get some throw pillows and cover your porch with pumpkins of all sizes.
  • Front Door – Get a beautiful fall wreath or create one yourself with a few elements.
  • Living Room – If you have a fireplace, this is a great place to create an amazing fall mantel. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider decorating an entry table or coffee table.
  • Bedroom – Think cozy! Bring in lots of fall blankets and throw pillows.
  • Kitchen – The best way to decorate for fall in the kitchen is to create a tiered stand.
  • Dining Room – One gorgeous centerpiece is all you need.
  • Bathroom – This can be as simple as adding a pumpkin scented candle.
  • Patio – Don’t forget your backyard! Just because it’s getting a bit cold, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a cozy space with blankets and a fire.


One of my favorite spots in my NY house was my front porch. Danny of course envisions a great way to turn this space into a gorgeous fall escape where we could cozy up with a good book. We included both a hammock and rocking chairs for us to relax. We surrounded the area with really inexpensive fall decor and a few DIY wooden signs. We stacked two wooden crates and filled it with rustic pumpkins and wood wreaths from Dollar Tree. 

Recreate This Look:

Also from Dollar Tree are these wire pumpkins. These originally come in green and we simply spray painted them orange. Place two together for a full pumpkin!

These leaf branches from Dollar Tree are vibrant and practical. You can add them to any vase. We chose a galvanized pitcher.

Don’t be afraid to mix various throw pillow patterns and blankets to make the place extra inviting.

Recreate This Look:

Living Room

The focal point of any living room is usually the fireplace. Here are two ways to spice up your living room for fall.

Boho Fireplace Decor

Danny’s fireplace mantel is exposed brick so she chose to go with a neutral color palette. The boho tassel garland is an inexpensive DIY that anyone can put together. All you need is yarn, and wood beads from the dollar store or craft store. We covered the bottom of the fireplace with large pillar candles and small pumpkins.

First, get a piece of cardboard that is about 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Then cut off one string of yard that is about 6 inches long. Place that to the side. Wrap the yarn around the board over and over. Using that 6 inch piece you cut off at the beginning, tie the yarn at one end. Then cut the yarn on the other end of the board. Then wrap more yard around the top of the tassel. Clean off the edges by cutting them all the same length. Put the garland together by stringing beads and tassels together. Here is a video tutorial to see it in action.

Recreate this look:

Coffee table with Give mason jars

If you don’t have a fireplace, focus on adding some nice elements to your coffee table. Here are two great DIY fall decor ideas.

First, we took a wood slab and put together this beautiful serving tray. All you have to do is add painters tape diagonally to form the different triangular sections. Paint each section a different fall color. We chose beige, forest green, brown and white. With a little help from our husbands, we added these simple black handles. This tray is simply one of a kind!

We then put together these gorgeous mason jar vases that say GIVE THANKS. The first step is to paint each mason jar. We chose the same colors as the tray so everything connects. The easiest way to paint mason jars is through the inside. Add some paint into the mason jar and then swirl it around until you cover all of it. Turn it upside down to try.

Then we covered the jars with 3” burlap. Print black letters using a cricut or you can find scrapbook letters at your dollar store. 

Top the mason jar with pretty faux flowers. Finally, add a wooden pumpkin to the one on the right. We added the word “Thanks” to that pumpkin to complete the look. 

Recreate this look:

Fall Decor Pro Tip:

Bring the natural elements inside. Simply go outside and pick up colorful fall leaves, acorns & pine cones to fill up a vase. The beautiful colors of the changing season will be better and brighter than anything you buy at the store.


A tiered stand is a great addition to any kitchen. They are so versatile since you can change them up for any season. This simple two tiered stand has a few rustic pumpkins, leaves and a jar of fall stems. On top we added a cute frame from Dollar Tree and printed a cute saying: “I’m a little pumpkin, fat and round. I grew on a vine, and I sit on the ground.”

The best part of these tired stands is that you can basically fill it up with anything you have at home or just a few small decor items if you are on a tight budget. You can also add some mugs and place it next to your coffee machine for a mini coffee bar. Don’t forget to add pumpkin flavored coffee! 

Recreate this look:

We also put together this super cute owl themed tiered stand.

Dining Room

For this dining room centerpiece, we chose to go with white pumpkins and bright orange  leaves. It’s a great contrast so that the leaves really stand out. At the center is a white lantern. We added burlap ribbon to the top. Simply surround it by white pumpkins, candles, and colorful leaves. 

The place setting is very simple. Danny created these beautiful custom placemats with the names of family members. Two of the place settings had “Be Our Guest”.

On top we placed plain white plates and a white napkin. The natural elements come in with this tree napkin ring. We placed mini pumpkins from the dollar store inside the napkin ring.

The best part about this dining table decor was the leaf garland hanging from the chandelier. It is a great way to bring the fall foliage indoor as it is literally hanging over you!

Recreate this look:

Here’s another gorgeous fall dining table using earth tone colors.


Don’t let the cooler weather scare you away from enjoying your backyard. With a few simple additions, you can turn it into a cozy fall oasis.

Here is a simple set up for two using the coffee table of the patio set. We surrounded the table with white pumpkins and lanterns. Two large wood logs served as seats. Add a cozy feel with a white blanket.

On the table we created a gorgeous fall charcuterie board. This includes favorite fall treats such as leaf shaped chips, pumpkin flavored muffins and cookies, caramel popcorn kernels and even pumpkin jam. You can enjoy these fall treats with some hot chocolate or coffee. 

Celebrate the season with this gorgeous burlap banner. We simply cut out leaves and then wrote the letters with chalk paint.

But wait, there’s a hidden surprise. As guests enjoy their fall treats, it reveals a beautiful tray that says “hey there pumpkin”. You can easily make this with a round wood piece and a cricut. You can also get stick on letters from Dollar Tree.

We also put together this gorgeous fall checkered tablescape using a wood palette.

BONUS: Inexpensive DIY Pumpkin

Obviously this season calls for a lot of pumpkins. Here are a few creative ways to make unique pumpkins to place all over your house. These are great for bathrooms and console tables too!

1 – Hand Painted Pumpkins 

As you can see from a lot of the posts above, we use a lot of neutral colored pumpkins. They look good, don’t they? Well would you believe they are orange pumpkins from Dollar Tree painted different shades of neutral? No more of that ugly bright orange!

2 – Fabric Pumpkins 

Do you have some extra piece of fabric laying around? Grab a toilet paper roll and wrap it with this fabric. Add a wine cork as a stem and a leaf from one of your flowers. How beautiful is this??

3 – Wine Cork Pumpkins

If you are wine drinkers like we are, don’t throw those corks away! We are always creating amazing wine cork projects. Here’s a super cute pumpkin we made out corks. This is great for your kitchen decor or the bar cart.

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