Wickedly Good Witch-Themed Party Ideas

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This Halloween year we were very much into witches. We even created this classic witch-themed Halloween Tree. Then we had this fantastic Halloween brunch. But instead of doing a Hocus Pocus-themed party, we wanted to do more of a Wizard of Oz bad witch look with everything green and black. And of course, I had to dress up the part!


witch party ideas

Brunch Invitation

Here’s the free invitation we created on canva.com. Instead of mailing, we texted this to all the guests.

free invitation

Witch Backdrop

The backdrop was very simple and inexpensive. We took three plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree and strung them together to cover the entire wall. You can easily do this by scrunching together the top of the tablecloth on one end and punching a whole. Then thread a string or twine through it. This is an incredibly easy method to create any color combo you want. 

green and black party table

We got this great banner that says “I Put a Spell On You” from Amazon. We completed the backdrop decor by taking these large branches from our yard and painting them black. Then we hot glued paper bats all over them.

spell banner
paper bats on branches

Cauldron Centerpiece

The main centerpiece was this awesome large cauldron with popcorn that we found at TJ Maxx. We placed it on top of a wooden crate and then added mini cauldrons from the Dollar Tree all around the large one. We filled them up with green grapes – a perfect snack for guests.

To make this look like the cauldron was on fire, we created these three logs. All you need are pool noodles and wood-themed sticky paper from Dollar Tree. Then we covered it in lights. We completed the look with mini witch potion bottles also from Dollar Tree.

cauldron with lights
mini potion bottles and cauldrons
cauldrons with grapes

These potion bottles are simply old wine bottles with an antique label on them. Credit to this blog where you can print out the labels for free. All you need to do is buy this label paper to print it on. The labels stick perfectly onto the bottles.

old wine bottles with potion labels

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Witch Themed Party Food

Although we had a ton of food for this brunch, we absolutely had to have sandwiches to make this food pun!

witch party food

For dessert, we had these delicious store-bought green and white cupcakes. We hand-made these witch broom cupcake toppers using construction paper and paper straws. We also made a version with two witch legs.

witch cupcakes
witch cupcakes

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Witch Broom Goody Bags

As favors for the kids, we filled paper lunch bags with candy. We turned them into brooms but cutting up a second lunch bag into long strips and tying them together at the top. Then we simply added branches from our yard as the handles.

broom favor bags

We completed the decor with fun candy containers, cobwebs, poison books, skeleton hands, and black branches.

black tree
candy tray

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