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DIY Tutorial: Rustic Home Sweet Home Sign

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When we bought our new house, my cousin Danny gifted us this beautiful handmade rustic sign. It’s super simple and can be made with just a little bit of paint and stencil if you need it. So get yourself some boards, wipe it clean, and get ready to paint! 

Materials you’ll need:

  1. Wood serving board
  2. Black & white craft paint
  3. 2 brushes of different thickness
  4. Stencils (if you don’t want to do freehand)
  5. Picture stand

Step #1 – Paint the base of the board black.

Go around the edges first and then fill in the middle. Let dry.

Step #2 – Do a second coat of black.

Go over the black again. Let dry.

Step #3 – Trace the words.

Danny is an artist so she did this freehand. Feel free to practice on computer paper. You can also use these amazing stencils!

Step #4 – Paint the words white.

Using a thin brush, trace the letters with white paint and let it dry.

Step #5 – Do the second coat of white paint.

Go over the letters again and let dry.

Home Sweet Home is a great sentiment but here’s a list of other things you can write:

  • This is us
  • Family
  • Blessed 
  • be our guest
  • Family- friends – love


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