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Stunning Upcycled Wine Bottle Decor

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You know wine is our thing so we are always looking for excuses to do projects with wine corks or wine bottles. A friend of ours recently bought a house so we upcycled some wine bottles to make this beautiful centerpiece as her housewarming gift. 

We chose to go with grey spray paint because it’s neutral. Adding the twine and colors in the vines gives it color and puts it all together.

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Step 1 – Paint

Spray paint the wine bottles. You will most likely need 2 coats.

Step 2 – Print the words.

Using the Cricut, we printed out these beautiful life sayings:

Love Tenderly

Live Happily

Laugh Daily

Step 3 – Add the words.

Carefully transfer the words onto the wine bottles.

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Step 4 – Add twine around the bottle.

Glue one end of the twine to the back and make your way around avoiding the words on the front of the bottle. 

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Step 5 – Decorate it!

Add anything you’d like to the top – vines, flowers, candles all work.

Place the bottles onto a serving plate or pretty base and you are done!

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