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10 Incredibly Easy Wine Cork Projects

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During the day we are crafters and at night we are wine drinkers. That means we are always saving wine corks for the next project. Actually, even our husbands are trained NOT to throw away corks or any wine-related items! We will somehow find a way to incorporate them into a wine-themed project.

Using wine corks can sometimes get tricky but there are many easy things you can make with them to decorate your home. We’ve done quite a few over the years and here are our favorites.

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Easy Wine Cork Projects

1 – VINO Sign 

We found these beautiful white wooden letters at Michaels. So turned it into a VINO sign. Simply glue on the corks to fill in the letters. You can make any combination of words including WINE, WELCOME, VINTAGE.

Vino Cork Sign
Vino Cork Sign

2 – Wine Cork Picture Frame 

Don’t you love easy DIY projects you can do with items from the dollar store? Get a picture frame from the dollar store and surround it with wine corks. We love alternating the position of the corks to break up the pattern. This makes a beautiful DIY gift for Dad!

Wine Cork Picture Frame
Wine Cork Picture Frame

You will also love this mini-wine bar:

3 – Candle Holders

Easy candle holders

Here’s a really flexible wine cork project because you don’t need to glue down the corks. Grab 3 base candle holders and 3 cylinders from the dollar tree. Ideally, the cylinders are different heights so it adds dimension. Glue the cylinders onto the base candle holder. Fill it up with wine cork. Add an electric or wax candle, and voila!

Easy candle holders

4 – Cork Cylinder

If you prefer shorter candles, this is another variation on the project above. We call these cylinders because these can serve as either candle holders or a vase. Simply glue the corks onto the outside of the cylinder. Glue on one cork slanted to one side. Then place the one to the right of the first one. Do one row at a time. They don’t have to be really tight next to each other. Feel free to leave some space so that the white of the light of the candle comes through. 

Cork cylinders for candles or flowers.
Cork cylinders for candles or flowers.

The next two pieces were actually a DIY gift Danny made for my husband’s 40th birthday. We had recently purchased our new house and we turned our sunroom into what we now call our wine room. This was the perfect place for these pieces of art.


5 – Monogram Cork Wall Art

First, you need to get a corkboard frame. The first one is a wine cork monogram – R for Rodriguez 🙂  The tick to this one is to use your favorite font for inspiration. Lay the corks until you like the shape of the letter. This particular wood framed cork board is large (30×24), so you have enough space to layout the shape of the letter.

Monogram Wine Cork Wall Art
Monogram Wine Cork Wall Art

Here are a few other styles for cork board:

6 – 3D Wine Glass Wall Art

The other frame is a fun illusion. We glued the corks so it looks like they are falling out of wine glasses. These look like real wine glasses but they are actually plastic glasses. Start laying out the corks from the bottom up. Then pick the position for the glasses and glue them down. Finally, place additional corks inside the glasses.

3d wine cork wall art
3d wine cork wall art

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7 – Easy Coasters

Continuing the alternating pattern look, you can make these easy wine cork coasters. All you need is a thin self-adhesive cork sheet. These already come cut into 4”x4” squares. You’ll need 8 corks per coaster. Lay them out in an alternating pattern.

Cork coasters
Cork coasters

8 – Mini Christmas Tree

Christmas is a great time to display some wine-themed projects. All you need for this is a styrofoam cone. Glue on the wine corks vertically, starting from the bottom and make your way all the way up.

Mini Christmas Tree

9 – Wine Cork Tree Topper

Similar to the mini Christmas tree, the base of this tree topper is a 6 or 8-inch styrofoam ball. Glue one end of the wine cork to the foam ball one at a time.

Christmas Tree Topper

10 – Wine Cork Vase

Turn a regular flower vase into a wine-themed vase by simply adding wine corks inside. If you have limited corks available, use this easy hack to:  put one vase inside the other so the interior vase presses the corks against the exterior vase.

flower vase

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