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Romantic Rosé Wine Picnic Essentials

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Date night ideas don’t just have to revolve around going to an overpriced restaurant for a beautiful ambiance. If the weather is nice, you can create your own beautiful romantic oasis with a wine picnic during the day.

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So Danny and I took out some simple items we had at home to put together this beautiful summer rosé wine picnic anyone can recreate for their partner. 

Recreate this look:

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Wine Picnic Must-Haves

When you think of a picnic with wine, you might imagine a picture-perfect setting with wine glasses that stand perfectly on the grass, or maybe you get a fancy table that holds it. However, we are suggesting a bit more practical solution for an outdoor date night.


Rabbit is one of the top wine accessory brands that make entertaining super easy. They started with the corkscrew opener and have really evolved into an incredible line of must-have products if you enjoy wine. You only need these 3 items for the perfect wine picnic

1 – Manual Wine Cork Opener – This super sleek wine opener and foil cutter make it easy to open your bottle in the park without struggling. The thin compact design fits anywhere in your picnic basket.

Practical wine cork opener perfect for on the go.

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2 – Rabbit Trek Portable Cooler – Don’t just stick your cold bottle of rose in your trunk! Place the bottle in this awesome padded cooler to protect the bottle. We use this carrier even to take wine when we visit people.

Keep wine fresh in this cooler.

3 – Rabbit Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set – Normally we are sticklers for using the right wine glass but these tumblers are a great solution for a picnic setting. They keep the wine cool and you can place them anywhere without worrying it will spill.

Use these wine tumblers to keep your wine from spilling on the ground.
Keep your wine fresh in these tumblers by Rabbit.

4 – You can’t have a wine picnic without a pretty picnic blanket. This was actually a gift but here is a similar blue blanket.

Blue and white blanket is perfect for a picnic.

Finally, you might want to consider this very practical beach table. We used it to add flowers but this would also be great to place your picnic food.

This personal beach table is great for decorating or for eating.
Please flowers on the beach table.

Wine Picnic Decorations

Since we were creating a rose wine picnic, we chose bright pink and blue as the decoration theme. 

Get this beautiful round blue and white blanket as the foundation. Add pink pops of color with these throw pillows.

Use bright pink pillows for the rose picnic.

We already had these spray-painted gold wine bottles so we used them to match the wine theme. 

Rosé wine called for lots of roses of course! These white roses add that final romantic touch. Date night during the day can be very classy!

Make it romantic by spreading around white flowers.

Delicious Rosé Wine

Well of course we can’t have a summer wine picnic without some delicious rosé. One year I went to France and a friend introduced me to Minuty. I was in love. It is my go-to rose that I absolutely love. 

Minuty is a delicious rose wine.
Minuty is a delicious rose wine.

Wine Picnic Food Ideas

Guess what the best picnic food is? SIMPLE! Don’t go crazy with the food. You want to keep it to simple nibbles that aren’t heavy in your basket. You also want to make sure your food pairs well with rose wine. Here are some ideas:

  • Edible rose petals – yes, I said EDIBLE!  Romantic, right?
  • Cheese – White-rinded cheese goes best with rose so brie would be a great option. The cheese should be pre-cut so you don’t have to deal with knives later
  • Fruit – Peaches & Berries go well with rose wine. Fruit should be pre-cut as well. 
  • Deli meats – Salami and prosciutto, yum!
  • Crackers – Bring a combination of plain and flavored
  • Walnut & goat cheese
  • Mozzarella & cherry tomatoes
  • Chocolate for dessert (and to cleanse the palette!)

If you want to go with a little fancier food that goes well with rose, here are some great options:

Picnic with the Dog

Ok this part has nothing to do with wine except its cuteness overload. Why can’t you have a picnic and bring the dog?

The dog follows us everywhere.
The dog follows us everywhere.
Outdoor date night: Rose wine picnic your partner will love.

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