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A Pick-Up Truck Picnic: The Ultimate Date Night Idea

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Recently our friends were planning to celebrate their 30th anniversary and they asked us for some help. We had a few ideas in mind for the party itself but we also wanted to do a really nice photo shoot to commemorate the occasion and also use the photos to decorate the party with.

What could we do that wasn’t cheesy yet romantic? Then we realized that the couple’s son owned a pick-up truck. Well, what if we did a romantic picnic set up in the back of the picnic truck? Crazy, right? Well, here’s what we came up with.

Recreate this look with the following items:

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What is a pickup truck date?

It’s exactly that, a date in the back of a pick-up truck. Yes, it’s actually a thing. If you have a truck, great. If not, borrow one. That’s what we did for this photoshoot! We promise this will impress your partner on a first date or a 30th-anniversary celebration!

Relaxing picnic in the park.

A pickup truck picnic is a pretty unique date idea so it’s a must if you want to impress!

The key to this date is where you park the truck where there is a great view. We picked a very secluded park near us that was usually pretty empty and faced the water. You might also consider a more rustic area with lots of trees. Even a farm would work. Think of having a barn in the background for a very rustic look. 

Social distancing date idea.

The timing of the date is also important. You might want to consider late afternoon where the weather is beginning to cool so you can go see the sunset together.

Love this idea? Save it for later!

Easy picnic ideas

What is so great about a truck bed date?

*This date can happen whenever and wherever!

Restaurants are too crowded on the weekend? No sweat, create a romantic setting in the back of your truck. Park wherever you want.

romantic picnic in the back of a pickup truck

*This date is cheap! 

No need to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive dinner. Bring pre-made dinner and wine with you!

Snacks to bring to a picnic.

*This date is social distancing friendly.

Avoid crowded restaurants or long waits due to limited capacity. It’s just you and your partner on the truck bed, in the fresh open air. This pickup truck can be the solution to your outdoor quarantine date.

Avoided crowded restaurants for date night.

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Pick-up truck Picnic Checklist

what you can do with a pickup truck

The key to setting up a full picnic in the back of your truck is being prepared. You will need to bring everything. Here’s a checklist to help you plan:


  • Blanket or tablecloth for the bottom
  • Blanket in case it gets cold
  • Crates to use as small tables
  • Candles
  • Napkins
  • Pillows to sit on
  • Flowers
  • Patio Lights if your date will go past sunset

Picnic Food & Drink:

  • Large serving tray
  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • Water bottles
  • Wine
  • Wine glasses
  • Crackers
  • Hummus & pretzels
  • Mini sandwiches
Wedding anniversary picnic.

Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot Ideas

Since we planned to take this unique picnic idea up a notch with a photo session, we brought extra decor to really make it beautiful.

We Still Do DIY Wedding Banner

You can make this simple banner with brown cardstock, white cardstock (with hearts!), and black letters.

We Still Do Wedding Annversary Banner

Love-Related Wood Signs

We basically collected any romantic sign any of us owned and placed them throughout the truck! These signs are easy to find at Home Goods or Marshalls. 

Wooden love signs.
Romantic wood signs.

You can simply make your own. Pick up a few frames at the dollar store and print out your own signs. Super easy!

DIY anniversary photo shoot props.

Romantic Flower Vases

You can’t have a romantic picnic without flowers. We turned four mason jars into these beautiful flower vases with rustic colors.

Rustic LOVE mason jars.

Lanterns & Candles

Adding lanterns and candles of all sizes add depth and height to the anniversary photoshoot. 

Anniversary Photoshoot Posing Tips

If you picked a romantic place to park the truck, taking additional photos shouldn’t be a problem. Ask a friend to come along and take some photos. Then he or she can leave you guys alone 🙂  Here are some tips for posing during an anniversary photoshoot.

Romantic photoshoot poses.

Where do you look during an anniversary photoshoot?

Do photos both looking at the camera and not looking at the camera. Look at each other and look at the landscape.

Anniversary photoshoot by the water.

Do I bring props?

Um YESSSS. They make the best photos! Here are some things to think about:

*sentimental items like wedding photos, wedding rings, items you wore on that day like your wedding garter or cufflinks. 

Wedding anniversary photoshoot props.
How to pose for a couples photoshoot.

*Celebratory items like wine or champagne and some wine glasses

Couples photoshoot ideas.

Other Fun Things to Do in a Truck Bed

If you are not feeling the pick up truck picnic date idea, here are other things you can do in a truck bed!

  • Romantic dancing – or a crazy dance party!
  • Watch the stars – bring a telescope
  • Watch fireworks
  • Campout overnight
  • Watch a movie – Connect your iPad to your hotspot and voila, a mini-movie theatre with just the two of you. Don’t forget a cozy blanket!

And the highlight of this date? If you are ready to propose, it’s a great time to do it here!

30th anniversary celebration

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