Who We Are

Hi, I’m Craft and she’s Sparkle! Well no, not really. We are just two cousins dominated by different sides of the brain. So we thought it was a no-brainer to start this blog.

I’m dominated by the left side of the brain. Analytical, strategic, and a pure Virgo when it comes to symmetry and consistency. I started a travel blog called Prep and Shine, and I absolutely love it. Danny and I started Craft + Sparkle because we are always coming up with crazy crafts and parties that make our husbands shake their heads. This blog is mostly in my words. I simply try to express Danny’s Creations.

Danny is dominated by the right side of the brain. She’s the artist. She has a degree in art but she doesn’t really need it because she’s just naturally talented. She sees visions in her head and when she wants to put something together, we all know to stay out of her way. She’s been throwing parties, crafting, knitting, and painting all her life. This is, as she calls it, her therapy.

Ok so not really a helper but Danny’s dog is super cute, don’t you think? He’s always following us as we do set-ups so he always ends up in the pictures. How many posts do you see him in?

What You’ll Expect:

  • Incredible Party Themes
  • Simple and Affordable Home Decor
  • Easy DIY Projects Even Non-Crafters Can Do