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Elegant Boho Dinner Party You’ll Want to Copy ASAP

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If you haven’t noticed yet, we absolutely love summer tablescapes. Here’s a boho style tablescape we put together using some pampas, candles, and really elegant disposable party supplies

Here are simple tips for putting together any summer tablescape.

Keep the colors simple.

The simpler the better. We chose blue and gold. Everything else on the table is blue and gold and/or beige.

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Make it easy to clean up.

After sitting at this beautiful table and enjoying food and wine with friends, who wants to get up to do the dishes?? Certainly not us. We used these gorgeous disposable plates, glasses, and utensils from They offer the biggest selection of elegant party supplies we’ve seen. You can use them for small dinner parties or for big weddings.

rustic candle and table runner
plastic wine glasses
plastic utensils

Lighting is a must.

You can easily enjoy your dinner party late into the night with good lighting. Make sure to spread large and small candles throughout the table. But what really makes it an inviting atmosphere on a summer night are patio lights. String them above the table using either the fence or from wooden poles.

patio lights

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Make it cozy.

You can accomplish this by adding many layers of fabric. At the center of the table we added a touched table cloth. We also added big fluffy pillows to the plain patio chairs. Your guests will never want to leave.

boho centerpiece
beige pillow

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Bonus Tip: Add a DIY Element for a Unique Touch

We had these simple vases from Dollar Tree so we simply tipped blue paint inside and let it drip upside down.

DIY vase
DIY vase

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