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The Best Summer Bar Cart Tips & Tricks

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I finally got myself a bar cart and here’s what I learned!

Why You Should Invest in a Bar Cart

Bar cart styling is the thing now. But why should you get one? First of all, they are incredibly practical. You can serve your guests anywhere you want. Inside, outside, or anywhere in your house. Because they are on wheels, they are incredibly easy to transport. 

There are so many styles out there and in any color you wish. As you will see from the samples below, you can find carts that are farmhouse style, modern, traditional, industrial, you name it. There is a style for everyone.

Finally, it’s so fun to change up the theme throughout the year! We’ve styled up this black cart for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and even just a beautiful wine themed bar you can use all year round.

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summer bar cart ideas

Bar Cart Styling Hacks

Here are a few tips to keep you inspired with your styling.

  • Use what you have to decorate. No need to buy anything new. Use decor you already have. You don’t need much.
  • The Dollar Tree is your friend. If you would like to buy decor items, your local dollar store has a ton of options. Get some frames, small signs, candles, vases, and many other seasonal decor.
  • Keep it simple. Just because you have a cart, it doesn’t mean you have to offer every alcohol under the sun. 2-3 types will suffice.
  • Add wall decor. If you have your cart against the wall, an incredible piece of art or family portrait will bring it to the next level. Here’s where you can find more incredible wall art.

Bar Cart Essentials

Make sure to have these items available on your cart:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Non-Alcoholic beverages – sparkling water, tonic water, juice, soda
  3. Ice Bucket
  4. Glasses (depending on what type of beverages you offer)
  5. Serving Tray – Aside from adding dimension and color, trays are a great way to separate sections on the bar.

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Best Summer Cart Ideas

And now without further ado, here are some amazing outdoor bar cart styling you will want to copy yourself.

#1 – Patriotic Bar Cart

A patriotic bar cart is a great option for summer since you can use it for Memorial Day or 4th of July. For this set-up, we used an industrial-style cart. We used a large galvanized tray to store all the beer and decorated it with red, white, and blue garland.

industrial bar cart

A letter board sign is a great way to customize your bar cart because you can change it to say anything. We used “Home of the Free Because of the Brave”.

galvanized beer bucket

The rest of the cart was full of sweets and wine. We used red, white, and blue tins from Dollar Tree to hold straws and snacks. Little small food boards held patriotic cookies. Finally, a blue bucket held a cold glass of white wine.

patriotic decor
dollar tree buckets
wine bucket

#2 – Creative Summer Citrus Bar Cart

Last year, Danny put together this oranged-themed goodbye party because my family was moving to Florida. She used a traditional rustic cart to put together this simple oranged-themed bar. Can you believe she found this beautiful cart on Facebook Marketplace??

citrus drinks

The top of the bar cart included a few clear vases full of real oranges. A white tray held a pitcher of Aperol spritz and wine glasses. On the lower level of the cart, she placed oranged flavored sparkling water. Additional decor items included an orange candle and a vase full of orange buses. Check out the rest of this heartfelt farewell party.

aperol spritz
orange cocktail
orange candle

#3 – Nautical Themed Outdoor Bar Cart

This was the first time I took our bar cart outdoors and I absolutely loved it! Since it was near the pool, the blue and white theme worked perfectly. On the top row, we I included an ice bucket, champagne, and champagne glasses. For those who didn’t want alcohol, I added these pretty bottles of LaCroix sparkling water. 

poolside bar
sparkling water

The sea themed glasses, anchor, shell and starfish are all from dollar tree.

nautical decor

In the center was a beautiful wine bottle that I spray painted navy blue. This is a very simple DIY where you can upcycle used wine bottles and use them as a vase. Make sure to check out our best hack for removing wine bottle labels!

At the bottom row I included a gorgeous white tray with tequila, fancy tonic water bottles, and tequila. You could also find white wine and a barware tool set. And of course, added some nautical touches with rope and seashells.

bar cart styling
drinks on serving tray

Sparkle Tip:

Use unbreakable glasses for outdoor bar carts.
wine bottle and candle
barware tools

#4 – Simple Gold Tropical Bar Cart

Laura from put together this amazing summer bar using a gold bar cart. We love this bar cart styling for two reasons. First, it’s very colorful so it’s perfect for summer. She added color by including different types of alcoholic beverages, colorful citrus, bright straws, and even vibrant margarita glasses. Secondly, there are so many drink options on this cart, all the guests will find something they like. Check out all the details on Laura’s site.

gold bar cart

#5 – Red, White, and Brew Bar Cart Styling

Here’s a different take on the patriotic-themed bar cart. Here, our friends at House Full of Summer used a white wicker-style cart to celebrate Memorial Day. This includes a simple clear vase with leaves and American flags. Simple red, white, and blue plates and napkins adorn the cart. Check out the rest of this coastal bar cart.

patriotic decor

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