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How to Throw a Simple & Sophisticated Rustic Communion Party

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Spring is such an exciting time. Beautiful Easter celebrations, graduations, and communion parties galore!  We kept this holy communion celebration simple and rustic. This theme is great because you can take advantage of anything that is growing in your yard and bring it indoors!

Why Throw a Rustic Communion Party

1. It’s gender-neutral. 

No need to focus on pink or blue. These natural elements make for a wonderful gender neutral communion party great for any child. 

2. Elements are available all year round.

For this communion theme, you will need lots of baby’s breath and burlap. No worries, you can get this stuff any time of the year!

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rustic communion ideas

Tips for a Socially-Distant Friendly Communion Party

Danny and I were lucky that my son made his first communion the year before the pandemic so we were able to do this inside the house. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use these decor ideas to throw a safe party. Here are two ways you can celebrate safely.

Move it outside.

If it’s warm enough in your state, move all of this outside but keep the guest count to a minimum. These rustic communion party ideas work well inside and out. Don’t have a yard? Consider a local park or using someone else’s yard.

We had about 10 kids at the party and I had prepared a bunch of outdoor activities including a scavenger hunt!

party games for kids

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Turn it into a drive-by.

Yep, drive by parties are very popular these days, and that’s ok. It is still a great way to capture this very important memory in your child’s life. You can set up one table either on your front lawn or on your driveway. Instead of doing the long scroll, you can do a small foam board as the main sign and place it on the table. 

Invite guests to come drive-by at a certain time, or if you have a lot of people, stagger them in groups every half hour or so. Let your child say hello from afar and take it slow so he or she can say hello to every car. Your child will probably be handed a gift and he or she can easily give each guest these favor ideas below as they are small. 

party table

Recreate this look:

For this first holy communion party, we focused on three colors: brown, green, and of course white. Here are three items you will need most to accomplish this look:

  1. Lots of burlap
  2. Roll of brown paper
  3. Lots of baby’s breath from your local florist
  4. Greenery from outside (vines or plants)

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DIY Communion Invitation

These invitations are so easy to make yourself at home, all you need is white card stock, brown cardstock, and some thin brown rope or twine that you can grab from the dollar store!

Print out your invitation on white card stock. Use brown lettering. Leave a space at the top to create the cross. After cutting out the white paper, glue it onto the brown paper. 

Cut two lengths of brown twine, one smaller than the other. We recommend making the longer piece 1-1 ½”. Hot glue the longer piece vertically and the smaller piece horizontally creating the cross.

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Rustic Tablescape

This gorgeous tablescape came together easily with a few simple items we already had lying around. Start with a simple white tablecloth. The brown paper scroll will serve as a runner to break up the white base (more on the paper scroll below!).

At the center of this scroll we rolled out 6” burlap and tied some baby’s breath around it. On top of the table, we left a space for the cupcakes.

burlap themed tablescape

To the sides we added desserts, favors, rustic elements, and photos of my son throughout life. The best way to display items on the cake table is to use different level serving platters. We used a combination of wood bark serving trays, silver trays, and white trays.

As for the natural elements, we used these green topiaries, wooden wreaths from Dollar Tree, small batches of baby’s breath in mini vases which you can also get at Dollar Tree.

We didn’t stop there, we continued the rustic decor on the floor in front of the table. We set two wooden crates on each side and used them as shelves.

communion party for boy

Inside the crates, we added burlap, golden wine bottles (that we had spray-painted before), and vines from our backyard. Finalize the look with more photos of your child. 

Baby photos of the child

Sparkle Tip:

Customize your communion party decor with photos of your child’s baptism.
dessert table

Custom Hand Painted Brown Paper Scroll

The focal point of this tablescape was this amazing custom brown paper scroll. The brown craft paper scroll is very big when it comes to rustic farmhouse design. There are so many designs out there with sentimental phrases that are used as wall art. Since Danny is a trained artist, we thought it would be a great touch for the communion decor.


We decided to hand paint “God Bless Gabriel” with angel wings at the bottom. We pinned the roll to the ceiling and let the entire thing roll onto the table and all the way to the floor. Turns out it was perfectly positioned for the kids. It looks like the halo is on top of their heads when they stand in front of it!

brother and sister at communion party

Check out the floral backdrop we made for my daughter’s communion.


Easy Communion Centerpieces

The guests tables were kept very simple. Use a white tablecloth and burlap as a runner.

guest tables

Then we created a few simple centerpieces with more wooden serving platter as the base. Layer on a doily and more glass jars or hand-painted wine bottles to hold the baby’s breath. Add one photo of your child and that’s it!

simple centerpiece

If you don’t have wooden serving platters, you can also keep it simple with a photo and 1 mason jar full of baby’s breath. Feel free to wrap the mason jar with burlap too!

easy centerpiece

Classy Communion Cupcakes

You can easily make a beautiful cross made from cupcakes. We simply made boxed vanilla cupcakes and then lined them up on a silver-covered cardboard.

You can use either foil or silver wrapping paper to cover the board. Line them up, two rows vertically and horizontally. Add one cupcake to each end.

white cupcakes

Dessert Bar Cart

We snagged this wooden vintage cart on Facebook Market so it was the perfect addition to the natural decor. The cart served as a mini dessert bar.

dessert table

We placed chocolate covered pretzels and cake pops for guests to help themselves. Like with any of the other party areas, we adorned it with lots of baby’s breath and more cute photos.

Communion Dessert Ideas

DIY Chocolate Covered Desserts

These deserts are so easy to make, even for non-crafters! The idea is you cover any cookie or treat in white chocolate and white sprinkles. We made chocolate covered Oreos, pretzels, and wafers. We used chocolate Oreos but vanilla oreos would also go well with this color scheme.

white chocolate oreos

Use 2-3 bags of white chocolate. Melt it either in the microwave (with a small bit of oil) or create a double boiler. Once all the chocolate is melted, dip your favorite cookies or fruit into the chocolate. Immediately add the sprinkled before the chocolate hardens.

chocolate covered waffers

And viola, you have a beautiful spread of communion desserts to decorate the cake table.

chocolate covered pretzels

Cake Pops

The last thing we made was chocolate covered cake pops. These involve a bit more effort but they are so worth it! Make it easy and use a boxed cake mix. 

white cake pops

First make the cake is a regular baking pan. After it cools, crumble up the paper and add ½ jar of white icing. Mold into a ball (like meat balls)! The icing will help keep the cake together. Refrigerate overnight.

The next day you will cover these balls in chocolate. Melt the white chocolate. While that’s warming up, place the sticks inside the balls. Then dip into the hot chocolate. Shake off any excess chocolate and add the sprinkles. Place down on parchment paper with stick side up. Refrigerate for another 20min until chocolate is hard. 

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Two Amazing (and Easy) Communion Favor Ideas

Delicious DIY S’mores Favor Kits 

It’s spring time so summer-themed favors are great as communion favors. We chose to make these s’mores kits. Get a few boxes of graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bars and marshmallows. 

Each kit contains two graham crackers (cut in half), two pieces of chocolate, and 4 marshmallows at the top. Place them all in a plastic bag and tie with a tag and twine (the same one we used for the cross on the invitation).

Sweet Succulent Favors

Not only were guests greeted with wonderful greenery upon entering the party, but they were also able to take it home! The s’more favor kits were more for the kids, we decided to get a pack of mini succulents for the parents.

natural communion favors

You can order these succulent favors in a big pack of twelve. To personalize them, we wrapped the base in burlap and added a cute custom sign on a popsicle stick that commemorated the occasion. 

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