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How to Easily Remove Wine Bottle Labels

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On Friday nights, Danny and I get together to craft while we drink wine with our husbands. There is no reason to get rid of the wine corks for bottles. Thus, we have a TON of wine themed projects of course.

For some projects, it is ok to keep the label on the bottles. However, to get pretty clean lines, it’s important to remove the label. But also, we can create some amazing creations with the labels of our favorite wines. 

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Here’s what you need to remove the label off any glass bottle in one fell swoop. All you need is not water and a funnel.

Step 1 – Boil some water.

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Step 2 – Pour the hot water into the bottle.

Using a funnel, carefully pour the water into the bottle until it covers the entire label. Let it sit for 1 minute. Do this slowly so that you don’t wet the label on the outside.

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Step 3 – Peel the label off.

By now, the hot water has loosened the label adhesive. Carefully and slowly remove the label.

That’s it!


We’ve tried this on a bunch of bottles and found that American wine labels are thicker and come off easier. European wines have thinner labels and they tend to break.

If you still have some adhesive on the bottle, run it under water and scrape it off with a sponge.

Now you are ready to create amazing things with a clean wine bottle!

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