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10 Easy DIY Communion Desserts

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For both my kids’ communion, we made some really easy desserts for guests to enjoy at the party or take home as party favors. All you need is some baking chocolate (color of your choice), sprinkles, and premade snack like cookies or marshmallows. That’s it!

Check out these 10 really easy desserts even non-bakers can put together.

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Chocolate Covered Desserts

Here’s how to put these together:

  1. Melt the chocolate on the stovetop or microwave.
  2. Dip the preferred snack in the chocolate.
  3. Add the sprinkles.

1 – Oreos

chocolate covered Oreos

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2 – Pretzel Rods

3 – Wafer Cookies

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4 – Rice Krispie Treats

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5 – Marshmallow Pops

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More DIY Desserts with Minimal Baking

If you don’t mind the baking, here are a few more easy desserts you can make for your child’s communion.

6 – Mini Cupcakes

Cupcakes don’t need to be fancy. We made a massive batch of these mini cupcakes from a regular box of cake mix and then placed them in the form of a cross for my son’s rustic communion.

7 – Cake Pops

You can also make these really cute cake pops with a box of cake mix. First, make the cake in a regular pan. Let it cool and then crumble up the cake. Add ½ a fresh jar of white icing (it’s important that the icing is room temperature) onto the crumble. Using your hands, mold the mix into balls like meatballs. Puncture a hole through the ball with a lollipop stick. Let them refrigerate overnight.

The next day, melt the preferred chocolate and dip the pops into the chocolate. Add a few sprinkles. Place the chocolate-covered pops onto parchment paper and let the chocolate harden. 

Check out more details of this rustic communion theme here.

8 – Brownie Bites 

With a box of brownie mix, you can make easy bitesize brownies. You can either cover it in confectioners sugar or add a topper (usually for cupcakes). Again, no fancy baking is needed. 

9 – Communion Cookies

Our friends at Catholic Icing made these really easy communion cookies with a marshmallow topping.

Have a girl? Here’s a gorgeous sophisticated Communion party for girls.

10 – Meringue Cookies

Check out how our friends at Sustain my Cooking Habit made these really easy meringue cookies with just 3 ingredients.

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