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Quick & Easy St. Patrick’s Day Tree Decor For Only $10

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We just love to keep up “Christmas” Trees throughout the year and decorate them for any holiday! How cute is this St. Patrick’s Day tree? We took a little trip to Dollar Tree (of course) and with a few simple items, we were able to decorate this tree for only $10!

You should also pick up some string lights at Dollar Tree to put together a light up charcuterie board for your St. Patrick’s Day party!

Pro-Tip: The smaller the tree, the cheaper to decorate!

This tree is only 4 feet.
st. patrick's day decor

Here’s your shopping list for Dollar Tree:

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Here’s how to put the St. Patrick’s Tree together.

Step 1 – Make these pot of gold ornaments by gluing 2 coins together. Then clue them onto the pot.

Step 2 – Wrap the tree in green garland, 12 foam shamrocks, and the new pot of gold ornaments you put together.

Step 3 – Use the hat as a tree topper.

Step 4 – Open up the gold tablecloth and wrap it around the bottom of the tree.

Step 5 – Add the wood sign, glitter foam shamrocks, and 1 cauldron with extra gold coins on top of the tablecloth.

And voila…quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day Decor!

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