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Insanely Cute Ballerina Themed Birthday Party

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My daughter Amelia loves to dance. She loves going to dance class and very often you can find her dancing around the house trying out new moves she’s learned. So naturally, she asked for her fifth birthday party to be at her dance studio.

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birthday party themes for girls

She enjoys all types of dance but I really loved the classic look of a ballerina for her party. So of course Danny and I got to work. I have always been obsessed with the pink and gold combination so this was the perfect opportunity to go wild with it!

ballerina tablescape

Materials you will need the most:

Sparkle Tip:

If you are throwing a dance party, feel free to use one of your child’s costumes as their birthday party outfit.

We sure did! This pink and gold costume was one of Amelia’s costumes in her very first recital. This was the inspiration for the rest of the party elements.

Ballerina Party Decorations

Welcome Sign

Danny drew this cute welcome sign herself. Yes, yes, I know that not everyone is an artist like she is. But you can make something similar with scrapbook letters or stencils. Or feel free to order one from us and we’ll ship it!

party welcome sign

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Birthday Banner

This banner is quite easy to put together because the gold letters are sold as is. You just have to cut the paper and stick on the letters. Here we used four different shades of pink cardstock. Poke a hole on each end of the tile so you can thread in a white ribbon.

DIY birthday banner
diy birthday banner

For the ballerina at the end, get a sheet of gold paper from the craft store. Usually, this type of paper comes in 12”x12” so you’ll have to cut it to fit 8.5” x 11”. Stick it into the printer upside down so that you can print a silhouette of the ballerina on the white side. Then simply cut her out. Add a bit of pink tulle for the tutu and finish it off with a white bow.

DIY Ballerina Silhouettes

These cardboard ballerinas were one of my favorite decorations for this party. All you need is cardboard, spray paint, and large pom poms you can get from the dollar store.

cardboard dancer

Open up a cardboard box to the height of the dancer you want. Sketch out a silhouette of a ballerina and cut her out with an exacto knife. Then paint or spray paint the cardboard pink. Open up the pom-poms and attach one to each side of the cardboard ballerina, forming the tutu.

We also made a version of the ballerina with just the top half and placed her on the cake table.

DIY ballerinas

Ballerina Party Food

Tutu Cupcake Stand

cake topper

Make the cake the focal point of the dessert table by adding a beautiful tutu to the cake stand. All you have to do is measure the circumference of the cake stand and cut out a piece of pink tulle to the length. Make it long enough to just rest on the table. Add simple white bows on top of the tulle to complete the look.

We ordered this custom ballerina cake topper from our local printer.

gold cake topper

Ballerina Cupcakes

These cupcake toppers are very simple to make. Simply print out this silhouette onto various shades of pink card stock. Cut them all out and hot glue a toothpick onto the back. Stick these onto plain vanilla cupcakes with pink sprinkles.

pink and gold cupcake topper

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows Pops

Marshmallow pops are so easy and inexpensive to make. All you need is colored chocolate in the colors to match your party, sprinkles, and pop sticks. 

ballerina favors

As you melt the chocolate in the microwave, add one stick to each marshmallow. Then dip the marshmallows into the melted chocolate one by one. Add the sprinkles. Place them on parchment paper and stick them into the fridge for ½ hour to harden. If you’d like to give them out as favors, you can add a plastic cover for guests to take home. We tied the plastic with a piece of tulle to go with the ballerina theme.

For additional snacking, we added pink and yellow goldfish crackers and sugar cookies with pink sprinkles that we found at our local supermarket.

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Ballerina Themed Tablescape

The party table we kept really simple. First start with a sparkly table cloth and layer on the following elements.

party decor

Easy Pink & Gold Centerpieces

These easy centerpieces start with a mason jar. Add a few personal elements to stand up within the mason jar. Glue some gold elements onto pink cardstock. It could be photos, letters, numbers (for the child’s birthday), small pom poms, or the child’s name. Once you cut them out of the gold paper, glue them onto wooden craft sticks. 

dancer centerpiece

Place the wooden craft sticks inside one sheet of tissue paper, and then place all the elements into the mason jar. Finally, tie a pink blow around the mason jar.

Another nice touch to the party table is to add picture frames with your child’s dance photos throughout the table.

Pink and Gold Place Setting

ballerina spoon

Each place setting started with a big doily. Then layer with a sparkly pink paper plate, pink and gold party hat. We also made these spoons with a tutu. All you have to do is fold up a gold cupcake paper and glue it onto the plastic spoon.

ballerina spoon

We also made ballerina water bottles. First we wrapped a 1-inch pink cardstock around the bottle. Then we glued on a bit of tulle to serve as the tutu. Cut out a 6” by 3” tulle and squeeze it together on one end. Hot glue that ends all together onto the paper.

tutu water bottle

Ballerina Party Favors

Free Matching Tutus

We thought it would be super cute for all the little girls to have the same tutu during the party so we bought each one a simple tutu from the dress-up section at Dollar Tree.

guest favors

We hung them up on the dance bar so as soon as each guest arrived, they were able to put one on. Then they got to take it home with them. Feel free to mix and match colors or patterns!

guest favors

DIY Tutu Goodie Bags

We wanted the goodie bags to match the rest of the decor perfectly so we made these ourselves. If you’d like to recreate these super sweet bags, you will need white gift bags, pink tissue paper, pink cardstock (different shades), gold glitter paper. 

DIY goodie bags

Print out the outline of the leotard onto pink paper. Then print another layer of the tutu which you will add slightly above the first tutu to give it volume. Then add on a simple told bow in the middle.

DIY goodie bags

Inside the goodie bags, we recommend you add anything girly from the Dollar Tree.

We did have a few boys at the party so for them we made a goodie bag with the shape of a tie. 

DIY goodie bags

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