How to Make a Gender Reveal Crate

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Gender reveals are all the rage so we knew that when Danny’s daughter Kelly became pregnant, we were going to go big. Unfortunately, Kelly’s gender reveal was in the middle of a pandemic so we thought of other simple ways to share the joy of sharing this wonderful news.

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We love making gift baskets out of wooden crates because you can reuse the crates for so many things! You can reuse them to store or organize stuff, use them as shelves, or for endless craft ideas. We started putting together gift crates for holiday gifts and Valentine’s Day.

gender reveal crate

Naturally making a gender reveal crate was a no-brainer. These are great because they don’t make a mess in your house like the power reveals or confetti. They are also great for a small and intimate moment between you and your partner or you can give these to the grandparents to open on their own. Grandparents can then keep the items in their house for when the baby comes to visit:) 

gender reveal ideas

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Here’s what you can use to fill up the crate in the color of the gender, of course:

  1. Wooden Crate
  2. It’s a boy (or girl) sign
  3. Framed sonogram
  4. Large stuffed animal
  5. Clothes
  6. Blankets
  7. Bottles
  8. Rattles
  9. Wash clothes
  10. White wrapping paper (very long roll)
  11. Large White bow
baby gift basket

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All you have to do is still everything inside the crate. It’s ok if things stick out of the crate a bit. Unroll the wrapping paper on the floor. Place the crate on the paper and slowly start taping the wrapping paper on the sides. Continue until the entire crate is wrapped. Finish it off with a white bow.

large stuffed animal

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