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Vibrant Lemon Tablescape for Your Patio

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We just love experimenting with simple summer tablescapes right in our backyard. We love the lemon theme for summer, but why leave out the lime?? This beautiful green and yellow decor is so easy to put together. The colors are fresh and vibrant.

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Lemon-Lime Themed Table setting is perfect for a casual summer afternoon in your backyard.

Lemon Topiary Tree

Danny and I laugh every time we take out these topiaries. We actually have these from my bridal shower 15 years ago and we STILL use them! They are so easy to transform into different themes. This time, we glued mini lemons onto the topiary. 

More Summer Decorating Ideas:

Wine Candle Centerpieces

This beautiful centerpiece has repurposed wine bottles that we turned into candles. Check out the wine centerpiece step-by-step tutorial for further instruction. You can use them in so many ways.

For the lemon tree, we placed them into a galvanized serving tray and covered the bottom with lemons and limes. 

Make your own centerpiece with a few simple elements.

Yellow and Green Watering Cans

How cute are these watering cans?! We got them at Michaels because they were really cheap. We didn’t know what we would use them until we did this set-up!

Pick up cute summer items and place them on the table.

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DIY Lemon & Rope Napkin Rings

Gorgeous handmade napkin ring.

To match the rope from the wine candles, Danny made these lemon napkin rings with the same rope. She basically made one long braid from the rope and wrapped it around twice to make it about one-inch thick. Here are the steps to making this napkin ring, including a little hack on how to hold strings so you can braid

Step 1 – Cut rope about 6-8 inches long. 

Step 2 – Line up 3 stripes lined up and hold together on end to stick the clip inside the drawer to hold it while you make a braid. 

Step 3 – At the end, tie with a thin twine string. 

Step 4 – Wrap the braid into a circle. You should have enough to go around twice. Then glue the ends with a hot glue gun. Keep holding it for a few minutes to make sure it stays since the rope is pretty thick.

Step 5 – Once dried, glue a green leaf onto the rope and then a mini fake lemon to the top of that.

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Rustic Green & Yellow Place Setting

For this gorgeous place setting, we layered clear and green plates on a rustic wood platter. To match the clear plates, use clear glasses for beverages. Mason jars work really well for this.

Layer different textures and patters to add depth.
Vibrant summer tablescape.

Sparkle Tip:

For place settings, use clear plates often so you can layer with pops of color.

Guess what? Placemats don’t have to be either round or rectangular. Feel free to try different sizes, including a vertical strip like we did here. Ok, the secret is that this actually isn’t even a placemat. It’s a pillowcase that we folded up!

Layer clear plates with pops of color.

Striped Pillow Cases

The base of this set-up is this black and white striped theme. This works so well because it lets the yellow and greens really pop.

We got this simple black and white striped fabric from Joanne’s. We sewed together these 16×16 pillow covers with a sewing machine.

Make sure to pin this for next summer!

DIY summer table setting tutorial.
Easy patio decor for summer parties.

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