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Heartwarming DIY Farewell Party Ideas

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In 2021, my family and I decided to move from NY to Florida. This was of course another opportunity for Danny to create a beautiful goodbye party. This gorgeous citrus tablescape and farewell sentiments were a surprise to me and my family. It was perfect as a goodbye or just a beautiful summer tablescape. Make sure to also check out this lemon tablescape and this indoor tropical tablescape.

goodbye place setting

Florida Themed Party Decorations

Moving to the sunshine state means lots and lots of Florida Oranges. But you can also create a stunning yellow sun themed party with lemons as afterall, it is the sunshine state. Other iconic things about Florida you might want to consider:

  • Walt Disney World
  • The Kennedy Space Center
  • Florida Keys (think beaches and palm trees, Miami Beach)
  • Amusement parks galore!

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Fun Goodbye Party Decorations: Moving Boxes

Danny took empty Amazon boxes and covered them in paper. Each one had labels on them. Pile them up one on top of each other and voila – you have a goodbye party!

boxes piled up
moving boxes

Separately, we were able to document this momentous occasion with these special boxes with a plane and identifying we were moving to Florida. I used this to officially announce our move to friends and family on social media.

moving to out of state announcement
moving to out of state announcement

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Farewell Appetizers

We love to enjoy charcuterie boards but here is a slightly different take on them. Each guest had their own glass container that included a variety of snacks including cheese, salami, cucumber, olives, tomato, crackers and pieces of chocolate. Additional snacks included “Goodbye Sucks” lollipop and “Happy Trails Ahead” trail mix.

mini charcuterie cups
goodbye sucks lollipops
happy trails ahead trail mix

Citrus Tablescape Ideas

This citrus tablescape is a great option for summer, even if it’s not a goodbye party. It’s bright, cheerful, and easy to put together with fresh flowers and fruit. We also have made the lemon version of this tablescape.

citrus tablescape

DIY Orange Place Setting

Danny hand painted these placemats! She took plane round placemats and turned them into oranges. The trick to making this look good is using clear plates so that the color can really pop through. These clear plates are from Dollar Tree. 

summer tablescape ideas

On top of the clear plates she placed these beautiful goodbye sentiments. They include:

  • We are going to miss you because it takes someone as special as you to make a goodbye so hard.
  • Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean we’ll miss you. Until we see you again!
  • We didn’t realize we were making memories,  we just knew we were having fun.
  • We miss you already!
diy orange placemat
farewell sentiments
farewell sentiments

The napkins were wrapped in a bamboo napkin ring and then we added more artificial oranges on top.

orange napkin ring

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Citrus Centerpiece

For this floral centerpiece you will need 2 clear vases (one thinner than the other), fresh orange roses and oranges. Cut the oranges into thin slices and place them flat on the thicker vase. Then place the thinner vase inside and this one will hold the roses. Add water to both vases. Finally add extra oranges and candles around the flower arrangement.

orange roses centerpiece
orange roses centerpiece

Orange Themed Bar

The drinks and desserts of course had to be orange flavored. We actually found this vintage bar on Facebook market and have used it for so many events. An Aperol Spritz is a perfect refreshing drink for a summer dinner party. We also added orange flavored sparkling water from Trader Joes for those who didn’t want alcohol. Continue to color scheme with fresh citrus in vases and even an orange flavored candle.

summer bar cart
summer bar cart with candle
summer bar cart ideas

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Citrus Desserts

For desserts we enjoyed these gorgeous fruit kabobs, orange flavored cake, and fresh fruit in ice cream cones.

summer fruit kabobs
ice cream cone fruit
orange cake

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