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How to Turn Basic Wood Crates Into a Breathtaking Wine Rack

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Wood crates. They are a must in every home. We love to use them as shelves, seats, and of course storage. Here we used a few crates to create a breathtaking wine themed area in our sunroom. All you need are a few simple things.

  1. Wood Crates – These crates come in all sizes and stains.
  2. Wine bottles! – Save any wine bottle you enjoyed that has a pretty label. 
  3. Candles – Electric candles are great to have all over the house because they look pretty and are safe. These even come with remote control! 
  4. Wine Glasses – You can scatter the wine glasses throughout or get this custom wine serving tray.
  5. Funny Wine Signs
  6. Decorative Topiaries – We added faux grapes to these topiaries to really create a vineyard feel
  7. Photos – We displayed pictures of our trip to Napa

To really impress your guests, turn on all the candles at night. Such a stunning view!

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