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3 Romantic Date Night Ideas You Can Fit Into a Crate

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We absolutely wooden crates from Michaels and we use them wherever and whenever we can. For Christmas, we got tired of the boring old gift basket idea and turned it into a cozy holiday gift crate

It was so popular, we created a few romantic crates for Valentine’s day. They serve as a marvelous date in a box! The crates are a great size, lightweight, and can be used later for many things including shelving or decor. 

These also make a great gift for your favorite couple on their anniversary.

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Romantic Gift Crate – The Classic Dinner Date

We call this version the classic date because it contains everything you would need to re-create a classic dinner date at home including champagne with glasses.

The first thing you need is a wood crate! Here are some great options:

Here are some great items you can include in this crate:

-wine or champagne


-gift card to your favorite restaurant (order to pick-up)

-romantic candles

-romantic wood signs

-table cloth

-love pillow

-gourmet chocolates

gift basket ideas
romantic wood frames

Adorn the crate with simple decor from the Dollar Tree!

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Romantic Gift Crate #2 – Dessert Crate

Dating a chocolate lover? Then there is no better gift than a box full of delicious chocolate spread. This makes for a great dessert date if you don’t have time to do a full dinner. 

chocolate gift basket

Lekkco is a premium Belgian chocolate spread that comes in four different flavors. Because it is gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and vegan, there is nothing to feel guilty about. 

Fill up the crate with lots of things he or she can use to spread on that delicious chocolate including:





-granola bars

And don’t forget to include some delicious recipe cards you can find on Lekkco’s site!

Romantic Gift Crate #3 – Netflix and Chill

Been dating or married long enough you don’t need anything fancy? Then the Netflix and Chill basket is the right one for you!

cozy gift basket

Include anything you can use to make you comfy and encourage you two to snuggle up! Pack up the crate with a Netflix gift card, pillows, a fuzzy throw blanket, and some comfy socks. Neither one of you will want to get out of bed.

cozy gift basket

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