How to Incorporate a Nursery in a 1 Bedroom Apartment

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If you are ready to start a family in a city like New York, you will most likely need to find creative ways to incorporate a baby into your life. The nursery of course being the most important. Since a lot of people have only a 1 bedroom apartment, they will have to turn the bedroom into a joint space for parents and babies.

unisex baby nursery

Incorporating a crib and baby storage into a 1 bedroom apartment sounds daunting but it is absolutely possible! Danny helped do this when her daughter had a baby. Here’s what we came up with.

4 Simple Tips to Share a Master Bedroom with a Newborn

gray and white furnature

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Tip #1 – Decide What Area You Will Designate as the Nursery

Take a look at your bedroom and figure out the best area for the crib and nursery chair. We chose this modern crib with drawers. Make sure to measure the area so you don’t order furniture that is too big for that space. The rest will fall into place. If you have a bassinet, you can move that around. You can place a changing table on top of your dresser. 

If you want to take it an extra step, you can do two things:

Use a nice wall decal to separate the adult area from the baby area. Here we used these modern 3-line decals behind the crib.

wooden accents

Recreate this look:

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You can also get an actual divider that will give you some privacy when nursing in the baby’s area.

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Tip #2 - Choose Gender Neutral Baby Decor

The last thing you want is to turn part of your master bedroom into a pink or blue area that clashes with your adult stuff. Keep adult and baby furniture similar so it all flows nicely together. Kelly’s bedroom was neutral already.

She focused on grey and white with some black accents. We continued this style in the baby’s area on the other side of the bedroom. Except for this time, we added a few more natural elements like light wooden baskets and even a little bit of greenery.

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Changing Table Area:

Instead of getting a separate changing table that takes up a lot of space, Kelly put a changing basket on top of her dresser, maximizing the furniture that was already there.

white and gray bedroom theme

Recreate this look:

Glider or Basinet Corner

Close to the crib you can place either a basinet or have a glider for you to feed your baby.

Recreate this Look:

Swivel Glider + Ottoman

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Tip #3 - Determine Extra Storage for Baby’s Stuff

Baby clothes are small but babies sure do come with a lot of stuff! You want to make sure you have enough drawers to keep it away and organized. Here are 3 storage spaces you should consider:

Crib with Drawers at the bottom or the side - Having a crib with a wide drawer beneath it was probably the best invention of any crib manufacturer. You can easily bend down to pick up what you need while your baby is in the crib.

black and white crib bedding
under crib organization

Stand Alone Storage Baskets - There are so many great options when it comes to small storage baskets that are not bulky and still look pretty. Here we used a small 3 shelf unit that can hold diaper changing essentials. Optimize this by adding another layer on top using a pretty basket of another color.

natural storage basket

Get the basket:

Sparkle Tip

Put this small storage unique near the dresser with the changing table for easy access to diapers, creams, washcloths, and onesies.

Optimize Your Closet - Sharing your bedroom with your baby also means you will probably be sharing your closet. The best way to add more space to your closet is by expanding shelves on the top and bottom. This small storage fits perfectly below the hangers.

how to organize baby closet

Add storage shelves to the top. And finally, you should even consider using space saver hangers that will let you collapse your clothes so that there is more space on the rod to hang baby clothes.

organized baby clothes
baby organizational hacks

Get more storage in your closet:

Tip #4 - Declutter Your 1 Bedroom Apartment

This one, believe it or not, maybe the most difficult. But you will have to be strict about decluttering or else your mind will be just as cluttered as your room. This does not help with sleepless nights and stress. This is your chance to sell unwanted furniture or decor. Move things into storage if you can’t part with them. Just don’t leave it in your 1 bedroom apartment that you are now sharing with your baby.

nursery rocking chair

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