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The Ultimate List of Gender Reveal Food Ideas

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When Danny’s daughter was pregnant, we knew we had to throw a gender reveal party. We had cute blue and pink decorations, fun games, and of course food and drinks. Here are some of what we shared with family and friends along with food and drink ideas from other bloggers! Don’t want to throw a whole party? Check out how you can reveal the baby’s gender with just a DIY BABY BASKET.

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Oh Baby Cake

We simply asked our local bakery to make a pink and blue cake. Added delicious macaroons and finished it off with this “oh baby” cake topper.

Cake Pops

Pink and blue cake pops are easy to make yourself! First, make the boxed cake in a regular baking pan. After it cools, crumble up the paper and add ½ jar of white icing. Mold into a ball (like meat balls)! The icing will help keep the cake together. Refrigerate overnight.

The next day you will cover these balls in chocolate. Melt the colored chocolate. While that’s warming up, place the straws inside the balls. Then dip into the hot chocolate. Shake off any excess chocolate and add the sprinkles. Place down on parchment paper with the straw side up. Refrigerate for another 20 minutes until chocolate is hard. 

Cupcakes with Colored Icing

Making boxed cupcakes is easy and inexpensive. Get pink and blue icing and you are done!

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Golden Cookies with Icing

Not into baking? Look around your local supermarket and you will find anything premade dessert that you can icing. This is what we did with these golden sugar cookies.

Personalized Sugar Cookies

We had a local baker create these custom pink and blue sugar cookies with the couple’s last name.

Homemade Pink & Blue Cookies

Now if you want to make your own cookies, check out these pink cookies from Christian Guzman and blueberry cookies from Veggie Desserts.

Fruit Kabobs with Cream Cheese Dip

These healthy fruit kabobs are really easy to make. Adults and kids will love dipping them into the cream cheese dip.

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Hershey Chocolate Bars

How fun are these Hershey chocolate bars? They are so easy to make, all you need are chocolate bars markers. They also make great favors!



Get pink and blue lemonade mix and a beverage dispenser to make this super cute drink station.

Water Bottle Labels

Next to the lemonade we added cute bottles with cute labels.

Cotton Candy Mocktail

I love that Juggling Act Mama created a sparkling drink with no alcohol that could be enjoyed by guests and well as the guest of honor! Here is the pink drink version but you can also make the blue version with blue raspberry juice!

Blue Lagoon Cocktail

For a blue drink, try this delicious blue cocktail by Amanda’s Cooking.


Thank you Vegan Dollhouse for sharing all of your pink and blue foods!

Bagel Board

I love the idea of a brunch for a gender reveal. Here’s a beautiful bagel board created by Vegan Dollhouse.

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Pink and Blue Burger Buns

Having a cookout for your gender reveal? Check out these blue burger buns.

Colorful Potato Salad

Get yourself a side for those burger buns. Vegan Dollhouse shows you how to make pink and blue potato salad!

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