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6 Reasons You’ll Love This Halloween Painting Party

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We love to think of unique experiences for kids, especially during the fall and holidays. This year we came up with a fun donut where the kids can continue to enjoy being outside, especially during the world’s climate. 

The outdoor fun continues during Halloween with this creative painting party for kids. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider this yourself this year!


outdoor halloween party

1 – It encourages creativity.

Inspiring creativity is the motto for Craft + Sparkle! We believe everyone has creativity within them and we just need to unlock it. This is especially true with kids. Here’s a great opportunity to not just focus on the sugary part of Halloween. A simple set-up with great painting supplies can get kids super creative and thinking outside the box.

creative Halloween party ideas

2 – It is a social distance friendly activity.

This fall might look a bit different from other years but we want to try to keep it as normal as possible. Getting a few kids together in an outdoor setting to celebrate Halloween is an easy way to continue practicing social distancing. You can have separate tables and spread them across the yard. We used these very versatile crates as seats for the kids. Feel free to spread them as far as you’d like.

3 – You can throw this Halloween Party on a small budget.

We are always amazed at what you can find at dollar stores these days. With just a few items, you can get everything you need for the kids to enjoy their afternoon outdoors. Here’s a checklist of items you can pick up:

easy Halloween party decor for kids

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Dollar Store Art Supplies Checklist:

  • Brown paper (to cover the table)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Plates
  • Painting kits
  • Wiggle craft eyes
Halloween painting kits

Dollar Store Halloween Party Supply Checklist:

  • Streamers
  • Orange, black, and white balloons
  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Straws
art table for kids to be creative

Sparkle Tip: Use the outdoors to hang your decorations!

This was a branch that fell off a tree during a storm and we simply stood it up to be the focal point.

4 – Fun Upcycle project

This party is a great way to show kids how to recycle. None of the bottles we painted were purchased. They include used food jars, coffee cans, and dessert cans!

upcycled food jars for Halloween

All you have to do is run them under some hot water to peel off the paint and you got yourself yet another great canvas. 

candy corn themed mason jars

5 – It’s an excuse for cute Halloween treats.

Kids will love these super cute Halloween treats when they take a break from their painting. We made chocolate covered pretzels, ghost marshmallows, and chocolate drizzled cookies.

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6 – You can incorporate cool DIY Halloween projects.

We created some really cute Halloween projects for this party but you can easily use them all throughout the house for the entire month!

First, we displayed these sweet treats in a custom made Halloween ghost tray. Here’s a secret: the other side of that tray is a pumpkin! Check out the DIY tutorial for this amazing double-sided Halloween serving tray.

Then we created this wooden character set. This one is great to place by your door or on the porch.

Halloween wood characters

Finally, this cool spooky sign is a great addition to any shelf in the house or on the mantle. 

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