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10 Delicious Bloody Red Halloween Cocktail Recipes

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Having a bloody Halloween party for adults? Well of course you will need a bloody cocktail to go with it! Here are 10 easy red cocktails you can make for your next Halloween bash.

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Easy Halloween cocktail recipes

1- Bloody Eyeball Cocktail

Did you know there was such a thing as candy corn vodka? Get some of this and add some food coloring to make this spooky eyeball cocktail.

Stick an eyeball into the cocktail for a spooky look.

Recreate this drink:

2 – Poisoned Orchard Cocktail

Are you a brandy fan? Here’s a very cool poisoned orchard cocktail.

A red cocktail drink made with brandy.

Awesome skull glasses you can buy on Amazon:

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3 – Halloween Punch

Mix together some rum and tequila for a delicious red Halloween punch.

Halloween punch recipes served in IV bags.

Recreate this IV bags with these:

4 – Grape Cocktail Voodoo

This super simple cocktail recipe combines vanilla liquor with grape juice.

Grape juice and vanilla liquor for a delicious cocktail.

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5 – Dracula’s Blood Cocktail

Black cherry juice and grenadine make a delicious bloody cocktail.

Vampire fangs inside a red Halloween cocktail.

Dracula’s blood cocktails would look cool in these light-up martini glasses.

6 – Black Widow Venom Moonshine

If you like Hot Tamale candies, this moonshine for you!

Black Widow Moonshine.

Awesome black plated wine glasses great as a hostess gift:

7 – Witches Blood Cocktail

Blood orange liqueur, bourbon and ginger beer make this delicious spritzer.

Witches blood spritzer recipe.

8 – Cave of Wonders Dry Ice Cocktail

Grab some pineapple vodka to make your guests this spooky “Cave of Wonders”.

Add dry ice for a scary Halloween drink.

Get this look above with these cool periodic table glasses:

9 – Professor’s Poisoned Apple

Nothing says fall like apple cider. Mix in some scotch for an adult beverage called Professor’s Poisoned Apple.

Apple cider alcoholic drink.

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10 – Witches Brew Vodka

This cocktail is my favorite because it involves raspberry liquor!

Raspberry liquor and vodka for a witches brew.

Day of the dead wine glasses:

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