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14 Faux Fur Decor Ideas To Keep You Warm and Fuzzy

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The temperature is dropping and all we want to do is stay home under a cozy blanket. But there aren’t just fuzzy blankets. There are so many ways to keep your home decor feeling really comfortable with faux fur. Feel free to get these items for yourself but they also make great gift ideas.

1 – Fuzzy Pillow Cover

This bright teal pillow cover is great for summer but you can also combine it with red for a gorgeous Christmas look. Seven colors to choose from!

2 – Shaggy Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket

I promise you won’t be able to get up off the couch if you are under this incredibly soft grey blanket. It also comes in so many colors.

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warm and cozy items for the home

3 – Heart Pillow

Here’s a great gift idea for any kids or teenagers. This heart pillow comes with the cover and insert.

4 – Accent Ottoman with Storage

Looks like a great ottoman but really it’s a place to hide stuff! Use this to store your child’s stuffed animals or throw blankets you may have to laying around.

5 – Plush Christmas Tree Skirt

Give your tree an extra cozy look this year with this gorgeous tree skirt.

6 – Area Rug & Chair Cover Combo

This gorgeous piece of fabric doubles as an area rug or chair cover. I bet any teenager would want to steal this!

7 – Bedside Floor Mat

Imagine waking up and stepping onto this furry heaven every morning.

8 – Shaggy Round Rug

This cute round rug is great to place under a small coffee table.

9 – Rainbow Area Rug

The kids won’t want to leave the playroom if it has this fluffy rainbow rug.

10 – Fluffy Stool

This fluffy stool will make you feel like you are sitting on a cloud. Great accent decor for a small area.

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11 – Faux Fur Table Runner

For a really unique tablescape look, try this faux fur table runner.

12 – Comfy Seat Cushion

This simple chair seat cover will make your tushy feel like it is in heaven. Lots of colors available.

13 – Christmas Stockings

Christmas morning will feel so great when pulling gifts out of these cozy stockings.

14 – Faux Fur Comforter Set

This beautiful cozy comforter set will certainly keep you warm at night. But be warned, the kids might not want to leave the bed either.

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