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8 Dazzling DIY Sunflower Decor

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If you aren’t a sunflower lover, perhaps this post will convert you. I (Arianny) actually am not a fan of them but working on this post about DIY sunflower decor projects definitely changed my mind! These beautiful bright plants are at their peak in mid-summer and you can find them all through the fall season

Here are a few things to remember when working with sunflowers, either real or fake:

  1. Less is more. Because sunflowers are so big and bright, you don’t need much.
  2. Natural sunflowers are beautiful but feel free to grab some fake ones at Michaels too so your DIY projects can last longer.
  3. Remember that stems are really high so cut slowly. You don’t want to over cut.

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Decorate your home with beautiful sunflower projects.


1 – Sunflower Breakfast Place Setting

We actually have quite a few sunflower items so we put together a whole sunflower breakfast place setting. These photos are in my cozy sunroom but this would also make a great breakfast in bed for mom or a brunch in your kitchen or dining room. Pick mom’s favorite spot in the house and make her this bright breakfast for mother’s day or any day of the year!

Make a bright sunflower breakfast set up for mom.

Start with a beautiful serving tray. Layer with sunflower themed plates and clear plates so the colors really pop. We actually found these plates at Dollar Tree. Surround the tray with fake sunflowers and a bright napkin.

Rustic decor for your kitchen.

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2 – DIY Napkin Ring

DIY Sunflower napkin rings are so easy.

Here’s an easy way to make your own sunflower napkin rings. Start with a shower curtain ring. Wrap it with raffia string and attach a small sunflower. That’s it!

DIY Sunflower napkin rings are so easy.

3 –  Sunflower Centerpiece

This big beautiful vase was a gift but it was perfect for this tablescape. Insert big green flowers so that the sunflowers on the vase itself stand out. Surround the vase with fresh fruit and muffins.

Gorgeous sunflower vase.
Bright and airy breakfast table setting.
Sunflower Breakfast for mom!

4 – Rustic Wine Bottle Centerpiece

This was the project that changed my mind about sunflowers. I put together this beautiful rustic centerpiece for our sunroom coffee table. It’s perfect for that room because everything in that room is wine-themed. Check out our full tutorial on how to make this sunflower wine centerpiece.

easy sunflower centerpiece.

5 – DIY Sunflower Wine Glasses – Great Gift Idea!

Make your own sunflower wine glasses.

Here’s a really quick sunflower project. Print out brown circles and yellow petals on vinyl paper using your Cricut. Add the brown dot to the bottom of the cup and the petals extending out to cover the bottom of the glass.

If you do the sunflower set up for mom, these stemless wine glasses will make a great gift!

Gorgeous DIY sunflower glasses make a great gift.

6 – Rustic Fall Sunflower Wreath

Get ready for fall with this beautiful sunflower wreath. Start with a wreath base you can find at any craft store or even at Dollar Tree. This base is 16 inches but you can do any size.

Easy sunflower wreath.

Wrap the burlap through the base. Pull through the holes enough so that the loops of the burlap are loose. You will then be able to flatten out the loops to fill in the empty spots.

7 – Simple Sunflower Ornament – Great Gift Idea!

Similar to the wine glasses, you can make your own sunflower ornaments. Nowadays, you can find so many versions of these clear round ornaments that you can decorate yourself. Use the same vinyl printouts from your Cricut and simply place them onto the ornament. Add yellow and brown to the top and you’ve got yourself a beautiful ornament. 

DIY sunflower ornament.

8 – Sunflower Christmas Tree

If you really love sunflowers and want to take it one step further, here’s a gorgeous sunflower Christmas Tree. Danny actually put this together for a client in the fall and she kept it up all through the new year!

Bright sunflower Christmas tree.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, sunflowers are so big and beautiful, you don’t need much when decorating with them.

Bright sunflower Christmas tree.

You don’t want to overpower the tree so keep the other items minimal so the sunflowers can stand out. To make this tree Danny combined gold mesh, gold Christmas tree filler with a few big sunflowers. Add a bit more rustic look by adding some acorns. The top is just a simple bright yellow bow. 

Bright sunflower Christmas tree.
Bright sunflower Christmas tree.

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