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Super Sweet Owl Themed Tiered Tray

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If you are anything like us, you know that showing up at Dollar Tree or any other dollar store during the fall or the holidays is dangerous. Well, I went in for something else, and of course, I came out with another idea.

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My daughter is obsessed with small stuffed animals and she just happened to be with me this time around. She saw this super cute stuffed owl and begged me to buy it for her.

Stuffed owl from Dollar Tree.

At first, I said no but then I saw all these other owl-themed items in the fall section so I decided to buy a few things and make this super simple 3-tiered tray for fall.

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How to put together an owl themed tiered tray for fall.

90% of the items in this tray are from Dollar Tree so it’s very inexpensive. Here’s a list of what you will need:

Fall decor items from dollar store.
  1. Tiered stand – here are a few you can purchase right online.
  2. 3 leaf garlands – you can also use this for a simple fall tablescape
  3. Any owl items you see – I picked out small stuffed owls, salt and pepper shakers, and a wooden napkin holder
  4. Small straw bale
  5. Small clip signs
  6. Small flower vase with fall flowers
  7. Candles
  8. Coffee or tea items like mugs and creamer jar (whatever you have at home)
  9. Pieces of wood – I used these small wooden napkin rings to add a rustic touch but this is totally optional

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Here are some great rustic stands you can purchase today.

Fall decor items from dollar store.

The first thing you need to do is add 1 leaf garland to each layer.

How to decorate a tiered stand for fall.

Then feel free to layer on all the other elements where you’d like.

Owl themed tiered tray.
Owl salt and peper shakers.
Owl napkin holder.

For the small signs, I’ve provided a free owl themed printable here. Hope you love this hootiful 3 tiered stands perfect for fall!

Free owl theme printable.
Free owl theme printable.

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