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DIY Light Up Thanksgiving Turkey Wall Art & Game

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It’s turkey time and you are probably inundated with so many turkey crafts. Well here’s our version of a turkey craft that you can use to decorate the kid’s table at Thanksgiving and it even turns into a fun activity after dinner!

Kids table at Thanksgiving

Last year we put together this Thanksgiving Tree using a lot of leaf garland. We had so much of it leftover so we thought it would be cool to put together this turkey art and use the leaves as feathers. This took apart about 6 leaf garlands and got to work.

Why should I make my own Thanksgiving turkey wall art?

It serves two purposes: 1. Decor for the kids table.  2. You can turn it into a game!

Don’t have time now? PIN for Later!

How to make a light-up Turkey wall art.

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What do you need for this DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Wall Art from Dollar Tree

Here’s a list of items you will need from Dollar Tree to make this turkey wall and after dinner game extravaganza….hehe.

  1. 1 white foam board
  2. 2 leaf-shaped string lights
  3. Brown, red, and green card stock
  4. 6 leaf garlands
  5. Large googly eyes
  6. Lots of glue for your glue gun
  7. Packaging tape
Leaf garland from Dollar Tree

Step 1 – Print out the pieces of the turkey onto the colored cardstock.

Don’t worry, I’ve provided a free printable turkey here. The body and legs should be printed on brown card stock. The snood should be on red paper and the beak should be on bright green. We made it bright green to match the color of our bright pink and green table setting for kids. Cut everything out.

Step 2 – Glue the body of the turkey onto the foam board.

Make sure it’s in the center of the foam board and slightly more towards the bottom. This will let the legs hang off the board and give you more space for the leaves as feathers.

Step 3 – Tape down the lights surrounding the body

Tape on the lights from

Step 4 – Add the leaves.

Take apart the leaves from the garland and start laying them out around the turkey, starting at the area closest to the body and working your way out. Make sure to cover the battery packs to the lights.

Leaf garlands from Dollar Tree.
Light underneath the leaves.

Step 5 –  Take a sip of wine.

….because adding all these leaves will take a while (just kidding, but not really).

Putting together the turkey craft.

Step 5 (FOR REAL) – Add the eyes, snood, beak, and leaves for the feet.

Tape the beak instead of gluing it so that you can remove it for the game later. While in place, trace the triangle of the beak so that when it’s removed, you know exactly where it is supposed to go.

Add the turkey's face.
Turkey legs made with leaves.

Turn on the lights!

DIY light up turkey from dollar tree.

Step 6 – Play Pin the Beak on the Turkey!

Remove the triangle All you need for this is to cut extra triangles so each child gets one. Add their name to one side of the triangle. Blindfold them and have them try to pin the beak as close to the triangle you traced. The child closest to that wins!

Thanksgiving games for kids.
Pin the beak on the turkey game.
Pin the beak on the turkey game.

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