Christmas Gift Ideas

Unforgettable (And Useful) Cozy Christmas Gift Crate

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If you’ve seen any of our posts before, you know we love wooden crates. We use them as seats for parties, as the building blocks to a donut stand, for picnics, and our latest creation – gift crates!


Holiday gift basket ideas

Forget the old boring gift baskets with baskets that will just be thrown into a pile at a garage sale. These wooden crates are so much more useful! You can fill up these baskets with anything you think the recipient would like. 

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Here are a few different options for crate styles:

Light Wood


Wood Plank Crate With Metal Edges By Ashland� | Large | Michaels�

Grey Wood



Unique gift wrapping ideas

With all of us staying home so much, we decided to make this a cozy gift set. It contains everything you need for a cozy night at home:

  • Cozy all day robe
  • Slippers
  • Diffuser
  • Essential Oils
  • Mug
  • Foot lotion
  • Tea
  • Candles

Here are some great ideas for warm and fuzzy gifts that you can include in this cozy gift crate.

cozy gifts for her
cozy gifts for her
cozy gifts for her

Put everything inside and then weave ribbon through the sides of the crate. Tie it all up with a ribbon on the top. We added this extra large tag from Dollar Tree.

large gift tag from Dollar Tree

Here are more fun themes you can put together within the crate:

  • Wine lovers – wine, wine glasses, cheese, crackers, chocolate
  • Chocolate lovers – chocolate bars, hot chocolate, mugs
  • Home chef – mixing bowls, cooking utensils, pot holders, baking needs
  • Coffee lover – different kinds of flavored coffee, mugs, tumblers
  • At-home spa – bubble bath, robe, books, wine, bathtub tray
  • Family movie night crate – Netflix gift card, popcorn, candy, blanket
  • Hostess gift – serving platter, kitchen towels, pitcher, glasses
  • The night before Christmas crate – PJs, Santa’s cookie plates, snacks
  • Bridal Gift- Season themed decor items
  • Holiday gift wrapping – themed gift wrapping, tags, bows, bags
  • Disney princess – crowns, wands, costume dresses
  • Gamer – gaming accessories, Xbox gift card, snacks
  • Date night – wine, glasses, couples games or journals
Christmas Gift Basket

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