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Seriously Stunning Baby Shower Themes for Boys

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If you’ve just found out you are having a baby boy, this post is for you! It’s now time to plan your baby shower. The first thing you need to do is pick the perfect baby shower theme. As a new parent, you probably want to do everything yourself but you should rely on your close friends and family to help put this together so you don’t get overwhelmed. So make sure to share this post with them!

Heaven Sent Theme

One of our clients was having a baby boy and the mom-to-be wanted a very simple and elegant theme. We decided to go with Heaven Sent. You can create this cute baby shower theme with a few simple items. This theme combines soft blue fabric with white baby’s breath. Let’s look at the details.

new mom at baby shower

Welcome Sign

At the front of the yards, we set up this beautiful Welcome sign made from an acrylic board we purchased on Amazon. We used the Cricut to make the words and then added a balloon garland around it.

custom welcome sign


This was a beautiful summer day in New York so the party was outdoors. Under a white tent, we set up these really long guest tables. First, we covered the tables with bright white tablecloths. The centerpieces were very simple – just large batches of baby’s breath. You can either put these together yourselves using mason jars or you can have a florist put together a small base. We placed them all down on the table.

outdoor baby shower table
simple tablescape

For the place setting, we combined silver, white, and blue. First, we used simple silver chargers that you can pick up at your local Dollar Tree. Then we layered on two sizes of plates. These plates are actually disposable but they are so elegant and high quality. Then we topped it off with a blue fabric napkin. The final touch was these angel wings napkin rings. Cut out angel wings and feathers to a blue satin ribbon. 

feathers on ribbon
wing napkin rings

Balloon Garland

To make this gorgeous balloon garland, we first attached small bunches to the finish line. We kept adding punches until we had enough to go all the way across the giant letters. In the middle, we placed a round balloon garland frame and covered it with more balloons. Then we added more feathers in between the balloons. Finally, we attached this fun neon “Oh Baby” that we found on Amazon too.

blue and white balloons
blue and white balloons
oh baby sign
oh baby sign

Giant Light Up Letters

In the back of the yard, we set up this ultra-stunning balloon garland with handmade foam board letters. Can you believe we put together these giant letters just from foam board and battery-operated lights from Dollar Tree?

baby light up sign

We cut a triangle piece of foam board to make the letters stand. For additional support, we attached a fishline from the letters to the fence. You can also use garden stakes by attaching it to the back of each letter and then putting it through the launch. 

baby light up sign at night


For the party favors we created this very simple personalized candle. The words on the label played on the “Heaven Sent” theme. You can either make these yourselves with label paper or you can order them on Etsy.

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Ahoy/Sailor Theme

When I was pregnant with my son, Danny created this amazing little sailor themed baby shower. For this cute theme, we used mostly blue and red but also added a touch of yellow to the color scheme. 

sailor theme decor

On the main table, we had a lot of homemade cupcakes. We also made cupcake toppers that said “Welcome Little Sailor” and “Ahoy, It’s a boy”. The table also had a matching banner. Finally, we covered the table with lots of really cute rubber ducks.

nautical cupcake toppers
nautical cupcake toppers

The guests’ tables were covered with white tablecloths and a large net which you can pick up at Dollar Tree. The centerpieces were large and small paper boats that we filled with candy. Small glass jars contained more rubber ducks.

table with net
blue and red paper boat
blue and white paper boat

We gave our guests these chocolate cake pops with a custom triangle label. These sweet treats were a hit!

sailor brownie pop

The diaper cupcake Danny made for me was so cute, I left it in tact for months after my son was born. Using a foam base, she stacked up all the diapers forming three levels. Then she covered it with a blue ribbon. Red paper filler and a wooden lighthouse.

blue and red diaper cake

For an extra “punch” (pun intended), check out this frothy blue punch recipe filled with rubber duckies!

punch with ducks

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Little Man

This theme is adorable because it adds bow ties, ties, glasses, and top hats to all the baby decor. Hang a few white onesies to a string and decorate them with ties, bow ties, and suspenders. Make a sign that says “Stache Presents Here”. For favors, you can wrap chocolate bars with card stock and add little bow ties. For dessert, you can order a tiered cake with suspenders that cover all the layers and add a bowtie at the top. If you prefer cupcakes, you can try these cute bowtie cupcakes.

bow tie cupcakes

Animal Themes

Animal themed baby showers are a popular choice because there are so many variations you can choose from. These are also good for a baby girl for a gender neutral theme if you are keeping the sex a surprise. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Teddy Bear

A “Can BEARLY Wait” is great for a baby shower or for a toddler’s birthday. This particular party is a baby sprinkle. We kept this very simple and only decorated a corner of the house with this amazing balloon garland and custom line art of a mommy-to-be.

custom maternity art


If you are interested in creating this one-of-a-kind line art, here’s how Danny created it. First, she took six foam boards and held them together with smaller pieces in the back. Now that it became one big piece, she covered it with a white paper from a roll so that it didn’t show the seams of the foam pieces. Then she sketched the image onto the white paper. Finally, Danny drew over the sketched lines with a black marker. Create a triangle stand from the same foam board to create a stand in the back. We also attached it to the wall using a fishing line for extra support. 

For this balloon garland, we purchased a variety of neutral color balloons in different sizes, from five inches to twenty-four inches. This process is the same as the blue and white garland we put together in the heaven-sent theme. First, we blew up the balloons and then slowly attached them with a fishing line. Once we had the length we wanted, we attached the corners to the ceiling using removable clear hooks by 3M. We let the rest of the garland cascade onto the floor. The completed look is so simple and beautiful.

neutral shower decor
white balloons

The decor around this incredible backdrop included matching glass vases, a soft rug, wooden lanterns, and a big giant teddy bear. 

Finally, the client’s bassinet matched the decor perfectly so we added it to the side. Inside the bassinet, we placed a really sweet note from the new baby. The note was framed in this gorgeous vintage-style frame.


Instead of a traditional dessert table, we went with a small setup on this vintage rolling cart we found on Facebook Market. We decorated it with some adorable details including small shoes, blocks, cute signs, and the mom’s favorite book.

rolling cart


The tablescape for this baby sprinkle was very simple with the focal point being these beautiful flowers hanging from the light fixture. This chandelier has the perfect amount of space in between the candles which we could stick in the stems of the flowers. All we had to do was bend the stem and then the flowers just hang down. 

We created this centerpiece by first lining the table with eucalyptus garland. Then we added lots of flameless white candles. Lastly, we added just a few more white flowers. No need to add too much since there was so much when you looked up at the light fixture.

The place setting started with a very simple straw placemat. Then we topped it with two white plates. We completed the look with a white napkin and bamboo napkin rings. Now the table had the entire color scheme of white, tan, green, and brown.

As an activity, we created this unique crown-making station. We had extra baby’s breath, green wire, and flower tape. First, the guests used the green wire to form a circle and measure the size of their heads. Then, they tied the wire ends. Then, guests curled the stems of the flower making small bunches, and then slowly attached them to the wire going all the way around. The guest of honor looked beautiful in her crown.

The personalized guest favor was these beautiful wood bead bracelets with their names on them. All you need is clear bracelet wire and wooden beads with letters. All the ladies loved these favors!

Stuffed teddy bears are super cute and the decor is mostly soft and cozy. We did a teddy bear theme for a boy’s first birthday and it was a hit. We made some incredible balloon projects, really cute favors, and even a hand-painted photo prop. Check out all the teddy bear first birthday themes if you want to incorporate more into your baby shower.

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Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Similar to the teddy bear theme, you add a few cute little forest animals and you have yourself a woodland theme. Think lots of wood textures and natural elements. There are some really easy balloon garlands you can put together with green, brown and gold balloons.

Decor with baby animals is so cute! You can even make your own. Sustain my Craft Habit shows you how to put together these adorable felt animals. Simply hang them on some branches and you have a rustic centerpiece. Small succulents make a great favor for this theme. Simply add a tag that says “Watch me Grow”.

felt animals

Here are some more shower ideas using just one particular animal:

Elephant – Baby elephants pair well with blue, white, and grey decor. Think of the sweet centerpieces you can make with stuffed elephants holding blue and white balloons. As a game, try this diaper raffle you can download right away.

free game

Owl – Our friends at Fantabulosity hosted a very sweet Owl themed shower including DIY own decor, cute signs, and even owl cupcakes made from Oreo cookies.

mini owl

Royal Prince Theme

A royal prince is the perfect theme for your first baby boy. Think navy blue and gold. What I love is that you can go a little glam with this theme since these are bright colors. You can decorate with gold crowns, sashes, and even antique gold frames. The mom-to-be can sit in a big comfy royal chair.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

A twinkle twinkle little star baby shower also uses dark blue. Add a few gold stars and you’ve got yourself a sweet theme for a new little boy. Check out how our friends at Mimosas & Motherhood created this star themed baby shower. We love the ombre cake with the gold topper. The tablescape is also very simple with a blue tablecloth, a gold runner, and a gorgeous flower arrangement in the middle.

cake with gold stars

Winter Baby Shower Theme

A winter baby shower theme works for boys since it is usually put together with blue and white elements. Remember that if you have a baby shower between the months of October and December, you will have no problem finding snowflake decor. For this theme you can use the terms “Baby It’s Cold Outside” or “A Little Snowflake Is on The Way”. 

You can put together your winter wonderland with lots of white branches, snowflakes, trees, snow globes, small white animals, and even ice skates. Build a diaper cake and leave it all white. Add a foam head to the top and turn it into a snowman. A great favor for this theme can be a hot chocolate kit. For shower games, check out these free winter themed printables.

word scramble game

Hot Air Balloon Theme

A hot air balloon is a fun theme because you can really create this with any color and can be gender-neutral. But for boys, you can combine blues and whites for the sky and clouds. There are so many ways you can create mini hot air balloons using either lanterns or just simple balloons from your local dollar store. 

Here are a few party decor ideas Large balloons tied to a basket are a great focal point on the main table. Use lanterns and small baskets to create centerpieces. Inside the baskets, you can add cute stuffed animals, candy for the guests, or pretty flowers. Use “Oh the Places He’ll Go” for more of a travel theme. Finally, create clouds in the sky using small balloon groupings or cotton fluff (the one you usually use for Christmas decorations).

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Wild Wild West Theme

If the expectant parents are country folk, then a cowboy theme is a great idea. Who wouldn’t love mini cowboy boots and hats? This theme is very rustic so if you live in the country, you can use a lot of your own surroundings. It also mixes a lot of bold colors and patterns. Think about using cow patterns, sheriff stars, or cute mini bandanas. Favors can be small bags of trail mix that say “Happy Trails”.

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