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7 Unbelievable Teddy Bear Party Decorations

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This year was Danny’s grandson’s first birthday. Her daughter picked a teddy bear theme. We had so much fun with this gender neutral party. Check out all the amazing decorations Danny did herself. 



1 – Green Wall With Bamboo Shelves

This green wall served as a separation between our party and the other guests in the restaurants. We had to spice it up so we bought these gorgeous bamboo shelves at Marshalls and used them as a place to display the desserts. 

2 – #1 & Bear Balloon Mosaic

Number Mosaic balloons are so popular so of course we made a #1 for the baby’s first birthday. But then we took it a step further and made one in the shape of a bear. With many white foam boards from dollar tree, you can make these yourself by first cutting out the flat shape. Then, add 4” strips to the borders and this will hold the balloons. 

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3 – Light Up Name Sign

Here’s another take on the balloon number mosaic. Using the same foam boards from Dollar Tree, we made the letters of the baby’s name (his name is Mateo but the family calls him Teo). Trace the letters and cut them out. Then add 4” boarders. Finally stick battery operated lights from Dollar Tree. They easily stick right on!

4 – Small Teddy Bear Centerpiece

These teddy bear centerpieces are probably the easiest to make out of all of them. This is because all you need are these balloon stands you can buy right on Amazon. These kits let you easily attach balloons and the bear itself. 

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5 – Giant Teddy Bear Holding Balloons 

With the same sticks we used to make the small centerpiece, we put together this giant teddy bear holding balloons. All we did was put two of the sticks together to make it taller. Base and stick from amazon. Put 2 together and attach the arm like it’s floating. The bear sat on a small wooden stool.

6 – Photo Prop

This beautiful hand painted photo prop was so much fun for guests. Using one foam board, Danny hand traced the design. Then she cut out the middle of the bear for guests to put their face through. Then she hand painted a bear holding a hive with Mateo’s name on it. We realize not everyone can hand sketch and paint this one so we are happy to do it for you. Feel free to email us to place an order!

7 – Teddy Bear Favor Bags

With brown paper bags, we put together these super cute favor bags where guests could take home an array of sweets. All you need is dark brown paper, light brown paper black paper, craft eyes and a marker. Cut out two shapes for the ears and a large circle for the face. A black triangle makes the nose and draw the rest of the nose with a marker.

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