Bright and Fun Thanksgiving Table For Kids

Bright and Fun Thanksgiving Table For Kids
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Thanksgiving tablescapes don’t necessarily mean you have to stick to the traditional fall colors. For back to school, we put together this bright and fun neon school supply stand. We continued this neon theme by incorporating neon elements into the Thanksgiving kids table to make it fun for the kids. We did combine it with gold and rustic accents to remind you of fall and it came out so cute!

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Neon green and pink kids table decor.

At the center of it all is this amazing light up turkey wall art that doubles as a pin the beak on the turkey game after dinner. Here’s the step by step tutorial on the light-up turkey!

What you need for this bright and fun kids table for Thanksgiving:

Don’t worry, a lot of these items you can pick up at your local dollar store 😉

  1. Neon pink plastic table cloth
  2. Neon green plastic table cloth
  3. Gold plastic tablecloth
  4. Pink and green pencil holders
  5. Wooden thanksgiving accents like the turkey napkin holder
  6. Milk jars or mason jars
  7. 2 leaf garlands
  8. Rustic plates
  9. Bright plates if you want to layers
  10. Decorative pumpkins 

Rustic Palm Leaf Plates by Dtocs

We love this eco-friendly tableware line by Dtocs. Not only are these rustic plates the perfect addition to Thanksgiving tables, but they are also so great for the environment because they are made from naturally fallen palm leaves.

Palm leaf plates for Thanksgiving.
Palm leaf plates for Thanksgiving.

These palm leaf plates are microwave safe and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We layered all the sizes so that the kids could use them for appetizers and for dinner. Because they are made from palm leaves, they are much sturdier than bamboo plates.

Palm leaf plates for Thanksgiving.

Dtocs is committed to making environmentally safe products. The tableware line is chemical and resin-free. On top of that, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Palm leaf plates for Thanksgiving.

Place the bright pencil and crayon holders around for kids to get creative. Finally, we added these cute wooden ships from the Dollar Tree to represent the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria ships.

Dollar tree sail boat.
Turkey from Dollar Tree.

Pro Tip:

Use these eco-friendly plates as a lesson for kids in ways we can keep our environment safe!
Bright and fun Thanksgiving table for kids.

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How to Put Together Neon Tablecloth with Fringe

Because this table was pretty small, we were able to use 1 tablecloth in each color to make this work. If you have a larger table, you might need 2 tablecloths of each color.

Plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree.

First, we opened up the pink and green table cloths vertically and cut out about a quarter of a section.

Plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree.

Place put these 2 pieces on each end of the table. Feel free to leave the middle empty because that’s where the gold piece will go. Do the same with the gold and add cover to the middle section.

Take one leaf garland and remove all the leaves. The long plastic line that is left will serve as the holder for the fringe. Tie that string around the front of the table.

Take whatever is left of the tablecloths. While still folded, cut long 1 inch thick strips from each color.

Plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree.

Open up the strips and tie them individually to the garland string making sure they are long enough to hit the ground.

Plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree.
How to add fun fringe to table decor.

This adds a fun and festive look to a traditional flat tablecloth. We completed the look with a cute sign with a list of rules.

Thanksgiving rules.
How to add fringe to table decor.
Thanksgiving rules.

Bunches of Thanks Goodie Bag

We can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without being thankful. We added a beautiful goodie bag with Thanksgiving crafts for each child.

Thanksgiving goodie bag for kids.

But we also added empty yellow leaves. These serve as notes for kids to write what they are thankful for. Each one should be placed back in the bag to show kids how much good there is.

Thanksgiving goodie bag for kids.

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