How to Create Cheerful Music Themed Christmas Decor (+DIY Ornaments!)

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As we all know, Christmas music is an essential part of the Christmas season. So we decided to incorporate music into all the elements including the tree, the wrapping paper, and the tablescape. We had so much fun making this very classy holiday decor, and we hope you enjoy the ideas.


More Christmas Inspiration

Music Themed Christmas Tree

Since the music sheets are black and white, we made everything black, white, and green. We continued the black lines in the ribbon we used and even in the black and white striped tree skirt. This is actually a tablecloth that we wrapped around the bottom! We completed the look by adding bright green mesh ribbon, shiny white ornaments, and bunches of green, white, and black ball ornaments.

unique christmas tree themes
unique christmas tree

Recreate this look with these ribbons from Amazon:

DIY Dollar Tree Ornaments

Here are some really beautiful DIY ornaments you can put together yourself from Dollar Tree!

Round Clear Ball Ornament

DIY ornament

If you go to Dollar Tree, you can find so many of these clear ball ornaments. What’s great is that you can customize them to any theme you want. To make this ornament, simply print out a sheet of music paper (of Christmas music of course!). Cut the paper into 1-2” strips. Carefully roll them up with music facing the outside and stick them inside the ornament. Let them unroll inside the ball. Add a simple green ribbon to the top.

Recreate these ornaments with these ornaments from Amazon:

Flat Clear Ball Ornament

Here’s a slightly different version of the round ball ornament. Dollar Tree also has these flat disc ornaments. We simply filled it with filler paper and then used the Cricut to add music notes on them. Add green ribbon to the top to finish it off. 

Wooden Star

wooden star
Dollar Tree ornament

These large wooden stars are great if you have a really big tree. First, we painted them white. Then we hand drew a music staff with a sharpie. Finally, print out your favorite music lyrics on the Cricut and place them on the star. Think of classic songs but also more contemporary songs as well. You can really have fun with these!

Christmas lyrics

Mini Wood Pallets

music clef

These mini wood pallets are so cute and you can use them to make anything. Similar to the wooden star, we painted these white. Then we painted the three thin planks in the middle black so that it looked like a music staff. Then added music notes right on top.

Holiday Bell Ornament

holiday bell

Similar to the star, these bells are large and look gorgeous on a big tree. We turned it into a beautiful music-themed bell by painting it white. You will need to do 2-3 layers to cover the gold or silver. Then, make a bow from this music ribbon. Hot glue it onto the top. Feel free to add back the green branch it comes with so you can hang it onto the tree. 

Here’s what the tree looks like at night.

tree lights
tree lights
music notes

Music Themed Gift Wrap

To continue the theme under this amazing Christmas Tree, we used the same music ribbon to wrap the gifts. We also paired it with other black and white wrapping paper. Green garland or bright green ribbon completes the overall look.

green and black gift wrap
green and black wrapping paper
music note ribbon

Christmas Music Themed Tablescape

green and black tablescape

Finally, we created a music-themed tablescape to go with this beautiful Christmas tree. We layered two black and white runners over a black tablecloth to form an X. Each place setting started with a silver charger. Then we layered a black plate, and then a white plate.

green and black tablescape

Each place setting had a black and white linen napkin with a silver napkin ring. We used the same music note ribbon from the bell ornament to wrap the silver napkin ring. Each water goblet was wrapped with green garland.

For the table centerpiece, we lined the center with green garland and then added a few of the same music note ornaments from the tree to tie it all together.

music centerpiece

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