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Donut Sale! How to Prep a Cute Donut Stand for the Fall

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Remember when you were forced to set up a lemonade stand because your child wanted to make extra money? Well move over lemonade, donuts are the new thing. Keep the kids outdoors during the fall and create a donut stand!


Donut stand is fun and easy!

This fun activity will get kids creative and hopefully make a few bucks too! You can set up a really cute DIY donut stand with just a few elements. You can also sell a beverage of choice. In this stand, we had apple juice and milk. Feel free to use this as an afternoon activity or use it as a social distancing birthday party!

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Kids having fun during the donut stand.

Here’s a list of materials you’ll need:

  1. Wooden crates
  2. 2 – 8’ foot wooden sticks, 1 inch thick (we picked up at Home Depot)
  3. Variety of donuts
  4. Apple juice or cider, or milk in jars
  5. Serving Trays
  6. Pegboard
  7. Mini cake stand
  8. Card stock for a banner
  9. Fall decorations
Cute signs for your donut stand.

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How do I make a donut stand?

Here we used six wooden crates so that it created several levels. You don’t need to use as much but if you invest in these crates, we have so many ideas on how to use them for other things!

Decorate the bottom with fall items.

Place the crates so that the open ends alternate creating little shelving areas where you can place the drinks and decorations.

Make mini shelves from crates.
Apple juice for sale.

Donut Stand Banner

Make a banner using brown as the base panel. Layer in pastel paper with different patterns. Use white craft letters to spell out “Donut Sale”

Donut sale banner

Donut Wall Ideas:

We created a mini donut wall from this pegboard. We originally found it at Michaels but here’s a similar pegboard. Display a variety of donuts in small dessert platters. You can even make donut sticks with these dessert sticks.

Peg board for donut wall.

How to Display Drinks

We offered both milk in mini milk jars and apple juice in mini mason jars. Decorate the milk jars by adding a bit of vanilla frosting around the rim and then adding sprinkles. 

Milk Jars.

These mini mason jars are really cute and perfectly sized for kids. All we did was add a bit of brown cotton twine around the cover.

Apple juice in mason jars
Donut stand set up

DIY Donut Photo Cut Out

We created these donut cut outs just for fun. As customers walked by, they could take fun pictures of themselves inside the donut whole. Now you know I’m not a painter but Danny is. She makes this one look perfect but really anyone can do it.

Donut photo prop.
Donut photo prop

Step 1 – Draw the circles for the donut using a household item you can trace such as a pot cover.

DIY donut photo prop

Step 3 – Cut out the circles.

DIY donut photo prop

Step 4 – Draw a curve all around the circle to represent the icing. This definitely doesn’t have to be perfect.

DIY donut photo prop

Step 5 – Paint the exterior border brown.

DIY donut photo prop

Step 6 – Paint the interior a light color such as pink or teal 

DIY donut photo prop

Step 7 – Paint long colorful bars to represent the sprinkles. 

DIY donut photo prop

The kids had so much fun and they spent the whole day outdoors!

Great fall activity for kids.

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