The Secrets to Incredible Christmas Decor For Your Master Bedroom

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When it comes to Christmas decor, the first thing we focus on is the big gorgeous tree in the living room. And while this is beautiful, there are so many amazing ways to decorate the rest of your house, including bedrooms! 

This year, the first place we decorated was my daughter’s pink and gold bedroom with a super cute little girl Christmas tree with its very own little village.

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Holiday bedroom decor

Now we move onto the master bedroom and here’s what we came up with. Follow these secrets for decorating your bedroom this holiday season.

Master bedroom with Christmas decor.
Puppy enjoying Christmas decor.

Recreate this look with Dollar Tree:

Secret #1 – Start with neutral-colored bedding.

Here we used a completely white bedding set. This enables us to bring in all the pops of color throughout the bedroom.

Christmas bedding ideas.

We chose to combine black and white check patterns with pops of red throughout. Layer on these colors by using throw blankets and pillows.

Buy this look:

White Bedding:

Merit Linens 8-piece Bed-in-a-Bag (Full - White)

Throw Pillows:

Merry Christmas Set of 4 Throw Pillow Covers Christmas Gift 18 Merry Christmas Set of 4 Throw Pillow Covers Christmas Gift 18 Ani

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Secret #2 – Lighting is everything.

The lighting in the bedroom is probably the most important to getting that amazing warm and cozy look.

Of course, we love to use lanterns and candles but this time to put a spin on traditional Christmas tree lights. We love patio string lights so much, we decided to spray paint them red!

Spray painted holiday lights.
Spray painted holiday lights.

You can make these beautiful lights in 3 simple steps.

First, remove all the bulbs.

Spray painted holiday lights.

Second, cover the bulb sockets with a bit of painters tape to protect the insides. 

Spray painted holiday lights.

Third, spray paint the strings and let dry.

Spray painted holiday lights.

We framed the big bedroom window with these beautiful red string lights.

red holiday lights

Pin for later!

Spray painted holiday lights.

Get This Look:

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Secret #3 – Make Your Bedroom Unforgettably Cozy

Warning: making the bedroom comfy and cozy will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning! Find the warmest and fuzziest throw pillows, throw blankets, and rugs you can find. Here are 14 cozy decor items you can buy on Amazon right now. Put all these things together for a perfectly enchanting cozy corner.

cozy Christmas corner

Buy Cone Tree:

Set of 3 Silver Sequin Bead Cone Christmas Tree (Silver) Wood Lanterns - Set of 2 (Brown)
cozy Christmas corner

Get faux fur decor:

Faux fur pillows

Faux Fur Rug

Throw Blankets

Eddie Bauer Ultra Plush Sherpa Throws (New Castle) Eddie Bauer Ultra Plush Sherpa Throws (San Juan Red)

And don’t forget a cozy area for the dog!

cozy Christmas corner
Christmas decor on the window sill.

Secret #4 – Keep bedroom decor natural & rustic by bringing the outdoors inside.

We bought nature indoors with these beautiful trees but did you notice none of these trees have ornaments? Big trees and mini trees bring in that amazing Christmas feeling but you can keep it simple with just lights.

Plain Christmas tree
Mini Christmas Trees

Continue the greenery throughout the bedroom by easily framing any square furniture with garland.

Believe holiday throw pillow.

Get this garland:

9Ft North Valley� Spruce Garland, Clear Lights By National Tree Company | Michaels�

We adorned the floor mirror with beautiful greenery and lights. 

green garland on mirror

Hang a simple wreath from a curtain rod to instantly add holiday cheer to the window.

holiday wreath in bedroom

Get this wreath:

Deluxe Silver Ornament Bell Berry & Pine Wreath 24in - 24

Baskets also add a nice rustic and natural feel. Use baskets instead of tree skirts or fill up a basket with gorgeous ornament balls.

color changing Christmas ornaments

So who will want to get out of this bedroom on a cold winter’s day? Make sure you have a serving tray in the room so you can enjoy your breakfast in bed too….or a glass of wine before bed!

Wine in bed.

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