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A Gory-Chic Halloween Dinner Party For Adults

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Danny and I have been doing Halloween parties for kids for a while now but we’ve never put together anything cool for adults. So here’s what we came up with for an adult Halloween dinner party. We didn’t want anything traditional. No pumpkins, no orange. Spooky black and white is always a good base. Then we decided red was perfect for a pop of color.

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For this dinner party, we created two really cool bar areas and a spooky adult tablescape. 

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Red and Black Halloween Party Decorations on a Budget

We are strong believers in using what you have at home when it comes to holiday decor. If need be, buy some supplemental items at the dollar store which is an awesome way to stay on budget. It’s amazing what you can find at Dollar Tree these days. We’ve incorporated some killer finds from the dollar store, including our mini potion jars (must scroll down to see!)

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Classy Halloween dinner party on a budget.

Sparkle Tip:

Take out some of your red Valentine’s Day decorations for this spooky red, black, and white Halloween decor.

Spend less with easy, low budget Halloween party decorations. 

Here’s a checklist of items you should pick up at the dollar store to get this look. I’ve included links to order online as well!

  1. Skeleton heads or skeleton package
  2. Skeleton arms
  3. Skeleton ornaments
  4. Red candles (tall and short)
  5. Black cardstock
  6. Red card stock
  7. Red napkins
  8. Plain twig wreaths
  9. Mini glass jars
  10. Spiders or bats to decorate with
  11. Silver chargers
  12. Red plates
  13. Black plates
  14. Red trays
  15. Red napkin rings
  16. Red flowers
  17. Foam ball

Gorgeous Halloween Wine Bar at Home

The inspiration for this entire set-up was actually my wine bar. I’m very lucky to have a fairly new kitchen where the focal point is this wine bar. Since my kitchen is white, it was the perfect setting for black, white, and red decor.

This wine bar is super simple. First place the wine and liquor bottles towards the back. 

Spooky halloween bar with cocktails.

Add a few silver, black, or white trays to hold the glasses. Take out any wine bar accessories you might have and have them accessible to guests. Black and white napkins or placemats are a great way to add different patterns to the look.

Spooky halloween bar with cocktails.
Mini potion jars.

If you’d like to pre-make some drinks, make sure to check out these awesome scary Halloween cocktail recipes.

Easy Halloween Signage

Funny or scary signs are a great add to the overall look. I got this “Enter If You Dare” wooden sign at Home Goods last year but you can find it here.

Printable Halloween signs

Or you don’t have to buy anything! I made this sign on, printed it out, and added it to a black picture frame I had lying around…..easy peasy! I’ve provided this free printable Halloween signs here.

Printable Halloween signs

DIY Halloween Wreath Over Cabinets

I absolutely love the look of mini-wreaths over kitchen cabinets. I started doing these for Christmas last year and continued for a few holidays. Here’s what we came up with for Halloween. 

Black and silver wreath

We took two rustic wreaths from Dollar Tree and spray painted them black.

DIY Black and silver wreath
Spray paint fall wreaths for Halloween.

Then attached a black bow with a silver skeleton which is actually a Halloween tree ornament (also from Dollar Tree!).

Spray paint fall wreaths for Halloween.

DIY Halloween Bar Cart

If you are having a large crowd, it might be a good idea to have a few different areas where party guests can serve themselves drinks. 

Have you ever created a DIY bar cart? Well here’s a Halloween bar cart we made from a laundry cart! All you need is either a long flat board or a piece of glass. We removed the canvas bag and placed a long piece of glass to the top.

Place a few red plates or serving trays on the glass. Add different types of drinking glasses throughout. Here we used wine bottles as the candleholders (more on this later in tablescape).

Using wine bottles to decorate.
Using wine bottles to decorate.

The laundry cart is perfect for an additional level at the bottom. Here we used a wine crate to hold additional liquor. Hang black and red napkins from the laundry cart as well.

DIY Bar cart from your laundry cart!

Booze Bar Banner

For this banner, you’ll need black and red cardstock and some black ribbon. First cut out your master panel on black cardstock. This one is about 7 inches. Then print out these letters on red paper. 

Free printable Halloween banner

Cut the red paper slightly smaller.

Glue the red panels onto the black panels. 

Finalize the look with some cutouts of bats and rats.

Free printable Halloween banner

Download all the FREE Halloween printables for this incredible dinner party.

Spooky Halloween Tablescape

Now onto the main event. We carried the cool red and black bloody look onto this spooky Halloween tablescape. The best part of this table setting is that it combines classy elements like red flowers on glass candle holders with a little bit of Halloween gore. 

Gory tablescape

Start with a black table cloth and a black and white striped runner. At the center of this tablescape is a really beautiful classic style silver serving tray. You can feel free to use something similar, or a black or white tray. 

Gorgeous wine bottles for Halloween centerpiece.

Gory Centerpiece

There are 2 mini DIY projects to this cory centerpiece: a red flower stand and bloody wine bottles.

Gorgeous wine bottles for Halloween centerpiece.

DIY Round Flower  Ball

This simple flower creation is great because you can use it for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Red flower centerpiece under 6 bucks.

All you need from the dollar store are 2 classic glass candle holders, a foam ball (or a small kids ball), and red flowers that you can pull apart. 

Glue the 2 candlesticks together for height.

Then glue the ball onto the top of the candlesticks. Finally, glue on each flower around the ball.

This easy DIY project shouldn’t cost you more than six bucks!

DIY Halloween Wine Bottles

We love spray painting wine bottles to use for decor. We were just about to spray paint these black until I realized that the wine bottles we had were all black with red accents so they matched perfectly as is.

Bat cut-outs

Here’s the trick to making these DIY Halloween Wine Bottles look like they are dripping with blood. You can either get red candles or a red crayon. Burn the crayon over the white candle to make it drip with “blood”.

DIY bloody candles.

We placed the bottles on a slightly higher serving platter just to add a bit of height.

Finish off the centerpiece by adding bat and rat cut-outs and skeleton arms to make it look like they are holding the bottles.

On each side of the centerpiece, we place a small red tray (dollar store) with a skeleton head and spider candle.

Simple Halloween tablescape.

Red and Black Place Setting

For the individual place settings, start with a silver charger. Then layer red, white, and black plates. On top of the plates add a premade martini (preferably red). 

Simple Halloween tablescape.

Blogger confession time: we added craft googly eyes into the drink for a scary effect but you can add these edible eyeball candies.

Halloween cocktails

For fun, we added mini red potion jars next to the martini glass. This is just water with a red food coloring.

Mini potion bottles made from food coloring.

Add a bat cut out to goblets along with red and black paper straws.

Goblets for tablescape with bat cut-out.

Finally, we combined the silverware, a white napkin, and a black napkin with red napkin rings. We realized a tea light was the exact size of the napkin ring so we added them in and placed them around the table.

Red and black napkin rings.

We had so much fun putting together these spooky Halloween dinner ideas for adults. Have a spooky Halloween!

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Gory-chic Halloween dinner party for adults.

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