St. Patrick's Day

The Most Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Charcuterie Board (It Lights Up!)

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If you got to this post via the St. Patrick’s Day Tree post, then you have to take a look at how to put together this awesome charcuterie board. When you are picking up tree decor at Dollar Tree, pick up a few of these shamrock string lights and 1 package of mini pot black pots.


Dessert Board Materials:

  • lazy susan tray
  • mini black pots
  • string lights
  • cookies
  • green apples
  • pineapple chunks
  • green Twizzlers
  • mints
  • butterscotch hard candies
  • cupcakes with green icing
  • green grapes

Simply tape the string lights around your serving tray. I used my favorite lazy susan tray. Add a ton of sweets to the tray and caramel or any gold candy into the mini “pots of gold”.

Lazy Susan Tray Options:

Turn on the lights and spin the lazy susan. Your guests will love it!

You Will Also Love:

Here’s what the dessert board looks like at night with all the lights!

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