7 Irresistible DIY Halloween Costumes for Small Dogs

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Halloween is here and you can’t forget a cute costume for your pet! If you don’t already know, we have a furry assistant named Mr. Bear (Danny’s dog). He’s always finding his way into our photoshoots. But this post was made just for him. Danny’s dressed him up in so many costumes but we particularly loved these easy DIY costumes for small dogs.

How do you make your own costume for small dogs?

All you need is a few materials and an imagination! Now if you prefer for us to make you one, we absolutely can….just contact us here!


#1 – Starbucks Coffee DIY Dog Costume

If you are a Starbucks loving dog parent, then you must make this costume for your furry friend. When you carry a Starbucks cup while walking your dog, you guys will match!

pet and owner matching starbucks costume

Here’s what you need:

  • white cardstock
  • brown cardstock
  • hole puncher
  • ribbon
  • white plastic container

First, measure your dog’s body and cut the white cardstock long enough to cover him or her. Then cut the brown cardstock so it’s the same length as the white but not as long (leave some white trim at the top and bottom. Then cut out half circles on each corner.

Print out a large Starbucks coffee logo on 8×11 paper and glue it onto the brown cardstock. Punch holes at each end so you can thread the ribbon through it. Then tie the entire paper around your dog. Use a white plastic food container as the coffee cup lid.

#2 – Beanie Baby

Your furry friend is already cute and cuddly. Turn him or her into a Beannie baby by adding a simple tag you can print out at home.

Beanie Baby Doc Costume Materials:

  • red , yellow and white cardstock
  • yellow ribbon
  • glue
  • hole puncher

Fold the red cardstock in half and cut out a heart, leaving a small part of the fold intact so that the heart can open up like a card. The heart itself should be about 6-8 inches. One white paper, type a small description with your dog’s birthdate and any other fun facts you’d like to add. Cut it into 2 separate hearts.

Glue the informational hearts inside the red heart. Print out the “TY” logo onto white paper and cut them out for the cover along with a yellow star. Glue these pieces onto the cover and punch a hole near the folded part of the heart. Add a yellow ribbon and tie this onto your dog.

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#3 – Rainy Day Bear

Ok so admittedly your dog won’t be walking around with an umbrella but the photo op for this is irresistible! #dogsofinstagram

Materials for a rainy day costume:

  1. Doggy Rain jacket
  2. Large umbrella
  3. Streamers from the dollar store

Place the large umbrella on the ground and tape on a bunch of streamers around it. Add the rain jacket to your pup and place him under the umbrella. Ideally, there is some wind to push the streamers around for the cutest photo op! 

#4 – Easy DIY Martini Dog Costume

If you have a dog cone lying around, take it out because you can turn your dog into a martini glass!

The only other thing you need is a wooden skewer and a few colossal olives. Add the olives to the skewer and then simply thread the skewer through the holes of the cone. And viola, a dry martini!

#5 – Amazon Prime Box 

Now we know you have a pile of Amazon boxes lying around at home. Place elastic into each side of the box lid and wrap around your dog to secure the box. And voila, he or she is an Amazon box!

super cut costumes for dogs

#6 – Crochet Batman Costume for Small Dogs

Just because your dog is on the ground most of the time it doesn’t mean he can’t be a superhero. Check out this super cute crochet doggy costume Danny made for Mr. Bear.

batman crochet costume for dogs

All you need is black, grey, yellow yarn, and black felt. Make sure to measure your do before creating this super cute costume. Print out a Batman logo and use it to trace it onto the felt. Two little tiny yellow pockets complete this super cute costume.

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#7 – Crochet Pumpkin Costume for Small Dogs

And finally, a classic pumpkin costume you can also crochet. Add a cute little hat for the fall. Black felt can be glued on to make the face.

pumpkin crochet costume for dogs

We are so proud of Mr. Bear for staying still throughout this super cute photo shoot!

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