How to Make a Double-Sided Halloween Serving Tray

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If you are throwing a Halloween party this year, you need to make yourself this super cool double-sided ghost and pumpkin serving tray. This easy DIY project is great for Halloween but if you use you can also use the pumpkin for Thanksgiving too. You can turn the ghost into a white pumpkin and the orange side into a regular pumpkin instead of a jack-o-lantern.


Cool DIY Halloween tray

What do I need for a double-sided Halloween serving tray?

With just a few simple elements, you can make this super cool party tray to use for Halloween or Thanksgiving:

  1. Round 24” wooden tray
  2. 2 Handles (with holes on top)
  3. White, orange, & black paint

DIY Tutorial 

Step 1 – Paint one side

First paint one side white, including the side edges. Let dry.

Step 2 – Paint the other side of the tray orange. Make sure not to paint over the white edges.

Step 3 – Add the faces to the serving tray.

You can make the faces one of three different ways. If you have a Cricut, you can print them on vinyl. You can paint on the faces, or you can use cardstock for the faces. 

DIY wood pumpkin

Step 4 – Add the handles to one side.

The key to the handles is to get ones that you can drill in from the top so that you don’t make holes on both sides of the tray.

When you are ready to use the pumpkin side, you can either keep the handles and let the tray lay slanted or you can simply remove the handles completely.

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