8 of the Most Unique Place Cards to Copy This Thanksgiving

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If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you are probably planning your tablescape. A critical part of that table is where everyone sits. That’s where a fantastic place card comes into place. Here are some of the most unique place card ideas that will surely impress your guests!


Photo Place Card

Thanksgiving is about being grateful for all the blessings of the past year. Why not commemorate this by using photos of the amazing times you’ve had with friends and family. You can use photos of you and that family member to identify where they sit.

Custom Placemats

Instead of having the place card on the plate, you can customize the placemats with the guests name using the Cricut. Here we made placemats with our names and with “Be Our Guest”.

More Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas:

Customized Bracelet

This simple and beautiful place card doubles as a guest favor. Once they untie the napkin, it’s a bracelet that the guests can take home. All you need is string and letter beads.

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Glue Name

You probably thought hot glue was only there to hold things together but you can use the glue as part of the creative. Here’s how we drew the guest names with hot glue. Then we let it dry and harden. We then spray painted it a pretty color. Add this place card anywhere on the table!

Printable Napkin and Utensil Ring

This pretty customizable printable is to wrap both the napkins and the utensils. BONUS: You can add different embellishments to use for any holiday.

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Candy Wrapper

Here’s a great place card idea that doubles as a party favor. Wrap a chocolate bar with this printable and guests can eat the chocolate after dinner or take it home.

Real Fruit Place Card

Fall fruits are a great way to add color to a table. This fall tablescape by Our Crafty Mom attaches a place card leaf to a beautiful pear. You can do this with apples, figs, or pomegranates.

Double Sided Thanksgiving Place Card

We love this place card because on one side it says the guests name and on the other it has space for them to write in what they are thankful for.

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