Easter Spring Decor

10 Stress-Free Easter Decor Ideas for Non-Crafters

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Your local dollar store is now buzzing with spring and Easter decor. Make sure to make the most of it. We made this gorgeous Easter tree with a few simple items from Dollar Tree. 

Here are 10 incredibly easy Easter DIY crafts anyone can make!

1 – Music Themed Bunner Banner

Most piano owners don’t consider decorating it but it’s actually a great place to add seasonal decor. For Easter we used a few simple elements to create a beautifully decorated piano area. The main element is this very simple music-themed bunny banner you can make yourself!

easter banner

The first thing you need to do is print out 4 sheets of this free sheet music.

free music printable

Turn the paper around and print this bunny outline on the other side. You will be able to get 2 bunnies from each sheet of paper. Then cut out the bunnies.

DIY bunner banner

Glue on a cotton ball for the tail. Using a hole puncher, punch out 1 whole on each ear.

cotton bunny tail

Thread ribbon or twine through each ear.


2 – Wooden Wreath Bunny

This sweet and simple bunny only requires 2 items from the Dollar Tree – wooden wreaths and a roll of burlap.

Simply tie the two wreaths with burlap or ribbon. This will serve as a bow tie. Then tie two knots on either side of the top wreath. Leave it about 6-8 inches long to make ears.

diy wooden bunny

3 – Egg Centerpiece

This no-fuss centerpiece adds so much color to any tabletop. Pick up 3 cylinder vases from Dollar Tree and fill them up with a bunch of colorful eggs. Carrots are totally optional. Check out all the details of this beautiful buffalo check tablescape.

egg centerpiece

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4 – Oversized Paper Egg

This extra-large paper egg adds a ton of beautiful color to any area. For this easy DIY you will need 1 foam board, colored paper (we chose pastels), hot glue, and twine (optional).

large paper egg

Cut out an egg shape from the foam board.

foam egg

Print out a few sheets of the egg shape. Layer a few sheets together and cut out as many of the egg shapes as you can.

Randomly, start gluing down the different colors around the foam board.

Once the foam board is fully covered, turn the bard around and cut off all the excess paper. If you’d like to add a little extra layer, wrap the board with twine. Set up the beautiful egg in any area of the house.

foam egg

5 – Egg Lantern

This one is SUPER easy. All you need is a bunch of plastic eggs. Add them to a large lantern and viola!

spring lanters

6 – Mini Egg Tree

This sweet mini egg tree is great to put on the top of any table. You will need 1 foam cone and plastic eggs.

egg tree

Starting at the bottom, hot glue on the plastic eggs and make your way to the top. Each layer should be interlocking, meaning the next layer should sit in between the layer below it. Then use pieces of moss or shredded paper to fill in the holes between the eggs. Place the cone onto a pretty base. This could be a simple plate or anything you may have lying around. Add more moss or shredded paper to the base. 

7 – Large Carrot

This large carrot is so great because you can use it anywhere on its own, add it to a centerpiece, or even onto a wreath. You will need a foam cone, orange and green raffia, and hot glue.

DIY carrot

Using scissors or a knife, make a hole in the wider part of the foam. This will make an opening to make the carrot top. Cut the green raffia about 5 inches long. Add hot glue to one end and stick it into the opening.

Then starting from the thinnest part of the cone, start wrapping the orange raffia until you get all the way to the top. Once it is dry, pull or cut out any excess glue.

8 – Large Grass Vase

Bring in the fresh grass feel inside with this very simple centerpiece. We took a large flower vase and filled it with large artificial grass. Then we just added a few carrots from Dollar Tree to add some color. You can use ANY vase that you have lying around.

grass vase

9 – Spring Banner

This banner is my favorite on the list because this one requires no printing and no cutting! All you need is a pre-made banner from the dollar tree and simple wooden ornaments.

You can literally make this for $2. Glue the wooden ornaments onto the colorful banner. That’s it!

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